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Daniel Tortoledo Has the Perfect Cure For Those "Restless Days"

If you're craving an extra energetic edge, then the latest song, titled "Restless Days" from Daniel Tortoledo is worth checking out. As a singer/songwriter and musician hailing from New York City, Daniel Tortoledo finds himself crafting music that works to manifest the best kind of ardor that listeners simply can't get enough of.

The instrumentation alone from "Restless Days" gives off enough vitality to push us through any difficult day. The song's bustling melody does nothing but good for our listening ears, and there's hardly a moment where we aren't moving at least some part of our bodies along to his infectious rhythm.

The stimulating and groovy melody is absolutely characteristic of Daniel Tortoledo and the charm he carries with him. During his exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Daniel Tortoledo shared that "Restless Days" was generated to emulate the high-energy that flows within NYC itself. The plethora of instruments that make up the production of the song came from a lovely contribution from many musicians, and it was the many contributions that we're able to solidify the kind of melody you'd expect life in NYC to capture.

In the end, Daniel Tortoledo's only intention was to uplift, inspire and simply create enjoyment for his audience with "Restless Days." Currently on repeat for us, "Restless Days" is one of those feel-good tracks that we won't be able to stop grooving along to.

Join the groove and listen to "Restless Days," here. Check out the full BuzzMusic article on Daniel Tortoledo and his track here.


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