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Danii Kills It With His Fiery Hit “B.T.W”

The Island Prince Danii is back again with his single out of YDM Records Camp. Danii knows what he’s capable of and what he can bring. Therefore, he isn’t going to stop until everybody knows who he is! Danii released his latest single titled “B.T.W (Born To Win)” and the energy in this record gets you so hype, with lyrics that complement the idea of winning. Danii’s delivery was pure fire. Something unique in particular about his delivery, however, was his Trinidadian background being heavily showcased in the accent of his flow. The production of the beat goes into a major shocking transition that leaves the listener stunned! The beat transitions from hip-hop to something more so on the electric dubstep side! This definitely added a new and eclectic dimension to the song. Not only can “B.T.W” be translated across the hip-hop and rap culture, but it could also be played at various different dubstep parties. Since “B.T.W” is so multi-dimensional, it attracts a larger audience to the song, therefore creating a much more appealing image to Danii’s artistry. B.T.W hints the theme of believing in yourself--knowing you’re meant to do something and be somebody legendary. I love the message this song promotes, and the high energy it delivers. This bold and in your face approach is perfect for a workout playlist. Get prepared to feel motivated, because Danii’s intense record will have you feeling unstoppable! Channel your inner fearlessness while listening to “B.T.W” and it would be a musical adrenaline rush you won’t forget.

Stream "B.T.W" on here and continue to read for Danii's exclusive interview below.


Welcome back Danii! Mind briefly introducing yourself to our readers again and telling us a little bit about your background and upbringing?

I’m a young creative from the islands of Trinidad, I currently live in Brampton, Ontario in Canada. I spent 17 years of my life in Trinidad growing up with my mom & siblings while my dad was in Canada pursuing his music career, my dad is also a singer so I’ve been musically inclined from birth, I was first a soccer player before I became a musician. 

Was music a heavy focus of yours growing up?

I always had a love for music due to my father being a gospel artist. But in terms of making music of my own I’ve never really done that, I would sometimes write songs in my book just off of what I felt in that moment, I recorded my first ever song in 2013 in the basement of my producers house and the crazy part was that song was a freestyle which sparked us to do a mixtape called “Know Betta” and since then I became really music heavy and researching and learning the game through trial & error. 

Tell us about the record “B.T.W”, what inspired you to write this?

My inspiration for this song came when I was reflecting on my past life with sports and how I’d always place in the top 3 and 9/10 I wasn’t 2 or 3, so with those memories it sparked the idea to call the song “B.T.W” which is short for “Born To Win”, I’m naturally destined for greatness and I try to push that through my music. 

What moment in “B.T.W” is your favourite and why from an artist perspective?

My favourite moment of “B.T.W” is when the beat drops when the hook comes in because it really takes you off guard it’s not something you were expecting to happen it gets you super amped because it was so unexpected that you can’t help but go crazy when that beat drop. 

What’s next for you Danii?

I’m at the point in my career where I’m no longer giving people the heads up, I’m letting the music do all the talking, I’m giving y’all content for the rest of the year, I’ should be flying out to LA this fall to make some business moves to further my career. The pressure is on.


Follow up on Danii via the artists Instagram!


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