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Danii’X and Aqyila Show Off a Beautiful RnB Duet On “Last of your Love"

Danii'X is a modern-day RnB artist who has discovered what his musical tone and style are already. While working on a brand new EP named "Colder In The Summer," Danii'X is here to deliver the single "Last of your Love" with singer Aqyila to ease our minds in anticipation of his upcoming EP.

"Last of your Love" opens up with a lo-fi guitar riff that remains constant throughout the record and spicy adlib vocals that perfectly transition into a deep, hard-hitting modern drum kit that makes us feel as if we are flying up in the sky while having roots on the ground. The vocal duet performance between Danii'X and Aqyila is incredibly beautiful to listen to, Danii'X's raspier voice compliments the soothing breathiness of Aqyila to create a dynamic performance that is breathtaking to listen to. The songwriting of Danii's really shines here; when the chorus hits you, you will find yourself already humming along and then singing along during the second chorus. "Last of your Love" is a beautiful song full of raw emotion and post-listening to this; we cannot wait to hear what is next to come in Danii'X's upcoming EP.

You can listen to “Last of you Love” here.

Hey there Danii’X! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving the vocal duet between you and Aqyila, how did the two of you meet? What was it like to record and work together?  Hey guys good to be back again, I meet Aqyila through Instagram through a friend of mines posting her, and when I heard her voice I couldn’t help but follow her, the collab didn’t come right away, I made sure to build a friendship and foundation between us, on the first record we did which was in 2019 “When You Leave” she brought my song to life and she did so again on this new single, she is truly a blessing to work with and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We felt a deeply intimate emotion to “Last of your Love”, what kind of personal connection to the lyrics do you have? Did Aqyila help with any of the songwriting? I don’t have any personal connection to the song, I just created a story that most people go through in their day to day love life, and then I sort of putting myself in the position so I can release that emotion into the song so when other hear it the feel something, and thou Aqyila didn’t help write she certainly manhandled the harmonies and the vocals. 

Now that this record is out, what kind of people are you hoping will be taking a listen to it? Who would your target audience be for “Last of your Love?”

for this particular song I was aiming for the RnB fan base to listen and see if I could’ve been accepted into the RnBworld, because it’s truly a place I would love to be, so this song was created for people who have had complicated love. 

We are very excited about your upcoming EP! What can you tell us about it? How do the songs on it relate to “Last of your Love”?

The EP I’m currently working on is built around thoughts and emotions that it’s usually colder in the summer because though people want love they only want love in the winter, and I’m hoping to tell that story, the other songs have some relation to “last of your love” due to that fact that it’s mostly on the same topic of love and being vulnerable to love and being hurt. 

What is next to come in 2020?

This is a question I haven’t yet decided on what’s next, I guess I’m just waiting till this project is done and see where it takes me, but I’m really hoping it opens a few doors for me to enter.


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