Danii'X Has Resurfaced With His New Single, "Said Too Much"

With an extensive following since 2013, through the successful endeavors of his brand, YDM (You Deserve Music), Danii'X has established a foothold on the current rap music scene. Now, upon its official release, "Said Too Much" suggests a reminder of what roused a new generation of kids to listen to rap music, to begin with. For these individuals, Danii'X's tenacity and his readiness to speak on their similarities in personal struggles trump any need for excessive production glitter and gentrification. This single features classic rap flow with a Danii'X twist; he deplores his psychological turbulence even while flexing. Over twinkling samples, faded vocals, and his signature vibrato, he takes his place as a pied piper for those who relate as outsiders.

The rapper never shies away from the more sordid perspectives of grappling with internal demons, and these conflicts build his character as a rapper. Stylistic vocal samples like unintelligible murmurs kick-off "Said Too Much" with a delightful oscillating nature before the rappers trade bars about getting his life out in the open like an "IMAX' theatre. Here, he appears less like a drill rapper and more like a truth-speaking prophet; he commands the room with an authentic rhythm that echoes out across a focused drum progression. As his verses build on confessions of internal pressures, family, and relationships, crystalline synth hum recedes and resurfaces back and forth into the distance. The production here is furnished by a fantastic break section, which makes use of a focused 808, crispy hi-hats, and tuned vocal effects before the pieces fade out. It's that candor and self-awareness that endears Danii'X to the masses grateful for the rise of their patron saint for this year's hottest rap music.

You can find "Said Too Much" here.

Hey there, Danii'X! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're overjoyed to be featuring your newest single "Said too Much"! Tell some about the writing process and how the overall concept for this song developed for you?

When I started putting my project together I figured the last song should be straight bars with no hook, then I thought what am I gonna say on this song that’s gonna be impactful and make my listeners understand that I’m in a different space mentally, then the title came first and as the title came, me and my producer Wellington started working on the beat and we just created something so magical, that night I took home the beat and just sat with it on repeat and the first words that came out just triggered a chain effect of emotions. 

Who has had the most significant influence on your life musically thus far? Has there been any Canadian artist that has made a particular impact for you?

This is the first time I’m being asking this question and it excited me because I wanted to shine some light on some of my peers who’s been a huge influence in my musical journey thus far, but to name a few starting locally, Francis hill, Ray Hmnd, Derin Falana, Raahiem, Tristan Lindo, Saugasson, Wellington, just to name a few these people have shaped the artist I’ve become and continue to become. But drake has made the biggest impact for me as an artist, just watching how he moves and how he creates records and puts his feelings out there so freely. 

You touch on some profound themes in your new single, how do you find the strength to open up through your music? Is it a challenge or something natural to you?

When I created this song I must’ve scrapped this song about 3/4 times because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be that open with my listeners, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be that expose or vulnerable but I made the decision that it was time to be human. 

Thank you for joining us! It was astounding having you here on BuzzMusic! Do you have any plans for collaborating with other artists in the future? Where do you believe 2020 is guiding you this year?

Thank you guys so much for having me it’s always a pleasure working with your guys, in terms of collaborating with another artist it is something I plan on doing but as of right now I’m just for focus on creating content for the listeners, 2020 has been a strange year so far but I’m a believer in what’s for me will always be for me and right now Music is looking good and we just getting started.