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Danjul Cuts Through The “Drama”

Danjul has us dancing to the season's next anthem, a flawlessly formulated new song, "Drama." Danjul is a breakout artist born in Inglewood and raised in Covina. He discovered his passion for music when he teamed up with producer Matthew Nelson to release his project, and they instantly connected.

Danjul sings and writes more complex but relatable music, giving us a cinematic touch never to forget. His debut release has done so well and has amassed many followers who support him, the journey, and the movement. Danjul says, "Sucess is doing what you love and living the best life, being the greatest version of yourself possible, being yourself and never changing."

"Drama" creates a genre called story pop which is like a visual fairytale where Danjul talks about his emotions and how he's been hurt. He mixes the instrumental elements with vocals so perfectly that we create the perfect catchy record. Let's jump in with Danjul as the instrumental freely flows with pop-dream elements as he introduces us to his very catchy vocals as he sings "Drama." He layers his vocals perfectly as he sings about his feelings toward someone he loves.

Danjul feels that times get hard, but he's willing to fight for what he truly loves. And as we continue, Danjul switches up his flows by adding extra sauce to include the variety we so desperately crave; he tells us how he knows boundaries and won't allow being hurt by anyone who plays with his emotions. Danjul then takes us into the most magical chorus, where the mood changes, and we go to a dancing flow as he sings "Drama" in the most melodious way you can imagine. He feeds our souls as he creates a relatable song with sonic elements to be matched. We hear how "Drama" will soon become a record hanging on everyone's lips and freely banging out their speakers. As we hear the last vocal from Danjul, we know it's not the end but just the beginning of a new and fresh era. We have dance and feelings mixed together as Danjul takes us on his journey in his latest "Drama" filled single, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzzmusic, Danjul. We admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single, "Drama." What inspired this breezy song about someone's unpredictable ways? Thanks for having me! Drama was inspired by multiple things I’ve experienced in my life. My life has been pretty “Dark,” so I just channeled that energy and wrote a song about it. I’ve been around many broken, unhappy relationships, so I kind of took all of that influence with my own experience and decided to create a unique pop record that was punchy yet colorful. Danjul, was it easy being so open and passionate when writing your lyrics for "Drama?" What was your experience writing the song? I’m never afraid to say how I feel, and people that are closest to me know that about me. My songs are truly my personal diary, every time I read a song it comes from a real place. It’s hard for me to write about anything that’s fake or just to fit in. Everything I write Has to be real and something I’ve experienced. So to answer your question, yes, it’s very easy to be open and passionate when I’m writing.

What was your experience writing the reliable and honest lyrics for "Drama?" Did you write your songs entirely solo? I write everything solo. I don’t have co-writers; in every single song you hear from me, I write myself lyrically. In most of my songs, I already have an idea of the beat and at least a verse in a chorus already written down. Obviously, there are things that have to be changed and altered once creating the tracking process starts, but I love to already have a story written before it’s sonically told. Does that make sense? Lol How does "Drama" contrast your previous releases? How does this song stand out regarding lyrics, sound, and concepts? I will definitely have to say it has the most mainstream-sounding vibe than most of the other escapes. Plus, due to the fact it was released through a label Bentleyrecords. I wanted to showcase what I’m really about and give people just a taste of what my evolving sound is…

What's next for you?

I’ll be releasing a follow-up single, most likely in the fall. Still looking for Great management but other than that still grinding really hard! Hopefully, start performing once all these diseases calm down! Drama, I believe, has about 70,000 streams on Spotify! It’s my most successful song to date. And I wanna thank everyone who has been supporting me and to all the radio stations that play the record and all the independent magazines that put me on their cover and give me shine as a new artist. It truly means the world to me. And thank you, BuzzMusic LA, for this interview.


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