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Danjul Strikes up a Brilliant Soundscape in, "Scarecrow"

Breakout artist DANJUL is an unconventional artist on the rise with a flair for reinvention. Born in Inglewood, California, and raised in Covina, he discovered his passion for music.

The California native has a sound that is complex yet relatable. He delivers a luscious fusion of cutting-edge EDM and electro-pop synergy along with savory rock nuances. DANJUL’s music has been described as pop music with a cinematic touch. The artist has an affinity for classical music and epic instrumental scores; traces of these elegant genres can be found in most of DANJUL’s productions.

DANJUL is no stranger to the depths of his musical landscapes endeavor. We’re offered up an enticingly cathartic escapade that is piano forward and euphonious in his latest single, “Scarecrow.” Gracefully smooth with the empowering spirits of the intruding resonance in the rhythmically enhanced environment laces us in lucid perception as we grasp onto the eloquent vocal performance that DANJUL offers up.

Addressing a subject that induces vulnerability when you make the conscious decision to let your guard down around someone, this whimsical balance fastened into the entirety of “Scarecrow,” invites you to break free and take flight with DANJUL as the liberation you feel from the unalloyed harmonies sparks a flame within yourself.

Mastering the conveyance of this electronic production, the evocative tenors that have us weaving through the unrestrained ambiance pairs strikingly with the steady tempo of the beat recognized. As we enter the captivating embrace of the lyrical dexterity illuminated, this personal invitation into DANJUL’s musical therapy session has us wrapped in the unveiling of his inner emotions.

Delving into the miscellany of synths etched into the arrangement of harmonious components, we sonically feel “Scarecrow,” embody a syncopated structure that has listeners remembering it as a complex with unforgettable superiority.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DANJUL. The entirety of “Scarecrow,” has us winded. Such a beautiful composition. What moment or story inspired the concept that we’re exposed to?

The reasons behind my song "Scarecrow" aren't what people might think. The song was written as a poem to my teenage self. "Scarecrow" was used as a metaphor for being so afraid to live life. When people come from hard upbringings it shapes the mind into how dark and lonely the world really is...if only they were shown love, then maybe pain could have been suppressed.

How do you find “Scarecrow,” holds up to other pieces of work in your music catalog? Do you find that this single is a direct representation of who you are as an artist in the present moment?

"Scarecrow" is definitely my best to date! My other songs, I love...but "Scarecrow" is the beginning of me wanting people to take me seriously as a mainstream pop artist.

What is the main message that you’re hoping your audience grasps from the meaning in “Scarecrow?"

Never be afraid to be uniquely you...never be afraid to show vulnerability either.

Do you have a specific highlight in your music career this far that keeps you working towards your goals? What is the significance of that accomplishment?

Highlight? Being featured and interviewed by BuzzMusic LA of course! I recently signed a distribution deal with Bentley Records NYC! Debut single should be out in summer 2021! This is a big deal for me because I've dealt with so many hardships on my journey as an artist, so getting support from Bentley is amazing! Music is my life, and becoming a great pop artist is all I've ever wanted to do. My hardships are what keeps me fighting for this.

What's your mission statement you'd like to deliver to others as an artist?

I know it's cliche, but...NEVER EVER GIVE UP!



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