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Danté Most's Latest Single, "MATRIX," Is a Mystifying R&B Sci-Fi Voyage

Eric Lee is the former New England Patriot turned independent R&B artist. Based in Tampa, and performing under the cognomen, Danté Most, nurtures his melodic narratives over evocative sonic soundscapes with timeless fashion.

His latest single, "MATRIX," sounds like a clandestine broadcast from beyond the cosmos, where our celestial intoner floats across a buoyant new-age panorama of slow sturring synths, scintillating hi-hats, and oscillating subs.

It's a sonic voyage that doesn't follow an economic structure in terms of reproducing excessive hooks or resounding over a cliché melodic motif. Instead, Danté Most uses the minimalistic Sci-fi mirroring production enough air to quarter his eclectic narratives and chaperoned them with timeless grace thanks to his salacious vocal tonalities. 

When the infatuating songster croons over the mantra-like inflection, "we gonna let em talk while we touch, we gonna let em walk, it's just us," he's enticing listeners with his playful brashness. Then in moments of introspection, he admits his polarizing emotions and the damage it's causing on his relationship: "I can't control how I go through these phases, she says that she's stressed, and she feeling frustrated."

All his lyrics work together to induce a sonic trip through meticulously curated vibes that render-up like a bewildering anecdotal space-drift through the cosmos of love, sensuality, and frustration; with Danté Most dead-center in the captain's seat—introducing you to the lights as he takes you through the "MATRIX."

Where did the idea behind "MATRIX" come to life initially? Was it a real-life experience written into a poem, a few beats on a DAW, or a melody that came to your mind randomly?

I had the beat on my PC for about 3 to 4 months. It had so many layers and transitions originally and that kind of overwhelmed me, so I stripped it down to my favorite elements. That is when the lyrics emerged. Most of my songs are from real-life encounters and MATRIX embodied probably the most irresistible type: “lust at first sight”.

What emotions were you tapping into for the vocal performance you've been able to capture on "MATRIX?"

Can someone be exuding control, yet constantly allow themselves to be vulnerable? Because that is exactly how I felt throughout the creation. I believe I can project confidence with a hint of innocence. Purposely emptying myself for the sake of women…that is where the negligence meets thrill.

How did you know which creative intuitions to follow during the production of "MATRIX?"

Well, I knew I had to keep the track short and concise. Also, it is a relatable message, there was no need to cloudy it. For example, The club closes at 3 am, but minds get read…and we leave at 12:30.

If you could give us a few words that would act like a Prologue to the experience and story behind, "MATRIX," what would you say and why?

Unstable intentions. We all vie for connection as humans, but how that looks for everyone is always different. “MATRIX” is the epitome of indulgence. The lines between “possess” and “protect” are blurred throughout the track.

What can fans anticipate next from you Danté?

I plan to release another single this month, another page from my book of encounters. Once that is released, I’ll formally introduce the encompassing EP, “ISO”, thereafter.




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