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Darienne Savoy Believes There’s Still “Good In The World”

Pop, R&B, and Soul singer-songwriter Darienne Savoy have a voice that sticks with you. Born and raised in Waldorf, Maryland, but now lighting up the Los Angeles scene, she's been scribbling lyrics and humming melodies since she was nine.

Her music? Picture a diary that's sprung to life, each song a snapshot of her heart's deepest corners. She's got a tone as sweet as honey, layered harmonies that take you to another universe, and a love for instrumentation that digs deep. Her goal? To give her listeners a cozy nook to snuggle into, a place where they can let their authenticity, power, love, and light shine.

"Good In The World," her latest tune, is like stepping into a warm hug. It's a piano ballad that twinkles with magic, her voice gliding over the chords like a figure skater on ice. And let's talk about her falsetto—seriously, it's like something from a dream. It draws you in and holds you tight, completely spellbinding from the first note to the last.

The lyrics of this song? Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions. Darienne opens the door to her world, inviting us to explore the landscape of her insecurities, anxieties, and the healing power of love. The chorus beams with hope, a beacon reminding us of the spark of goodness still flickering in the world, even when the night seems endless. Her words weave a beautiful tapestry of hope, vulnerability, and the strength found in love.

The melody of "Good In The World" is like the sweetest lullaby, the piano forming a gentle tide that carries Darienne's soulful voice. The melody sways and dances, creating a soundscape that is as mesmerizing as a starry night. It perfectly showcases how Darienne skillfully marries her heart-on-her-sleeve lyrics with enchanting tunes, crafting a sound like a warm blanket on a cold night.

"Good In The World" is Darienne Savoy through and through—raw, heartfelt, and beautifully crafted. Her enchanting voice, deeply personal lyrics, and captivating melodies create a sanctuary for listeners, a place to find comfort, inspiration, and a reminder of the world's beauty. As we eagerly await what's next from Darienne, one thing's for sure—she'll continue to light up our world with her authentic, soulful tunes.

Sail away with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Darienne Savoy. A warm congrats for your latest heartfelt release, "Good In The World," which reflects deep emotional journeys and personal transformation. Can you share the inspiration or the pivotal moment that led to the creation of this song?

Thank you so much. I’m honoured to be here! “Good In The World” is the most special song I’ve written to my heart—much of that concern how I grew with and through the record. I started writing it after a very dark and traumatic time. I, unfortunately, struggled through a lot of trauma in my childhood years, which led me to face anxiety and PTSD growing up. When I started to heal, I almost felt like I needed to go into hiding until I was “healed all the way.” I thought that I was too anxious or too broken to be lovable at that time. But I met some of the most beautiful and genuine people I’ve ever known, who showed me the purest form of love and friendship I had ever experienced.

So many times in getting to know them, I thought, “Oh, there is good within this world.” It felt so surreal to be loved in the midst of the roller coaster that is healing. Everything about me that I considered a work in progress or was conditioned to see as wrong, my friends embraced and appreciated. I wanted to put that beautiful feeling into music, so I sat down one day in 2018 and wrote the chorus. After that, I continued to work on it throughout the years until it became the finished product. It truly feels like a transformative song, especially because I wrote the bridge about a month before it was released. It almost felt like the present-day version of me sealing the envelope on that chapter, which I love, and am so happy that it’s being received in that way.

Your falsetto in "Good In The World" is truly alluring. Can you talk about the vocal techniques you used to achieve this and why you felt it was important to incorporate this element into the song?

I wanted to incorporate falsetto to capture the essence of leaning into vulnerability. I’ve had friends tell me the song feels like a warm hug or the key to their safe spaces, and that’s exactly how I want it to feel! Singing in falsetto and hearing it back in the studio, I felt that type of vocal resonated best with exactly how I felt during that time, overwhelmed with love in the best way. I also wanted to give the song a sense of hope that I felt connected to most when singing in falsetto. While I wrote the song about a very specific situation in my life, my desire is for it to resonate with whoever is listening in their own way and for it to give them peace and light in such a chaotic time. Funny enough, my voice almost naturally sits in falsetto or a head voice unless in a deep alto register, so overall, it felt best to convey the emotion in my vocal “safe space.”

"Good In The World" is a piano-led ballad that beautifully complements your voice. Can you discuss the process of creating this melody and how you decided on the piano as the primary instrument?

“Good In The World” definitely went through many instrumental phases before it became the version it is now. There is a version with just acoustic guitar that I worked on with a friend years ago and a version with guitar, bass, and piano only in certain parts. When I started working with Noriko Olling, a genius producer I was blessed to meet at the college I graduated from (AMDA Los Angeles), she really brought it to life in a new way.

I came to her with the versions I had previously created, and we experimented with different directions to take the song. I am obsessed with Michael Jackson’s ballads, and I told Noriko about how I envisioned an intro similar to those in his songs. That’s when she created the orchestral introduction with strings, flute, and the harp. We started to follow up with the guitar after the strings to see how it would feel. But ultimately, the piano was the missing puzzle piece. It gave the song a similar melody to its other versions but opened a door for the chords to flow with the emotions of each lyric.

The lyrics of "Good In The World" are full of hope and positivity, even in the face of vulnerabilities. Can you share how you balance these contrasting themes in your songwriting?

For me, it’s imperative to remember that vulnerability is power. Putting the most vulnerable parts of me to pen and paper and then taking them to the booth and streaming platforms was nerve-wracking, especially for my second single. But for this song and any song I write, I want to give it my all, including vulnerability. Since I started writing at 9, I have found the beauty of any obstacle in life through music.

I think even the darkest songs have a sense of hope and beauty. Because regardless, someone will be able to listen and think, “Oh wow, I’m not alone in that.” I think I balance those themes by writing with the thought in mind to take my vulnerability and embrace it instead of being ashamed of it. And I must constantly remind myself to embrace it, especially in a world of social media where vulnerability is so rare. But deep down, no one is alone in how they feel, and I think music is a gorgeous way to prove that.

As you continue to evolve as an artist, how do you envision the themes of your future music? Do you see songs like "Good In The World" as stepping stones on your journey, or do you anticipate exploring new territories in your upcoming works?

I think of songs like “Good In The World” and my debut single “Step Down” as chapters of the story I want to tell with my debut project. I’d love to tell my story chronologically through an EP or an album in separate parts; both songs are part of that story. I want to experiment with different styles for sure. I do that consistently in the studio and in each song I release. But as far as themes go, I’m revealing pieces of a story with each song that I couldn’t be more excited to share.


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