Dark Electronic Pop Diva Beca Released “#1 Crush” And We’re In Love

From NYC to LA, dark disco diva Beca creates sultry and alluring ambient pop, leaving you spellbound at first listen. The Juilliard School graduate showcases her expansive knowledge through her emotive lyricism. Beca re-imagines '80s/'90s pop and fuses dreamy synths into an ethereal sonic sphere. Releases include Let’s Run Wild and Born To Fly EPs via UK label This Is Music Ltd, her debut LP Ecliptic, and the most recent In Deep Love EP. Live concerts have spanned the US, Europe, and Mexico, as well as CMJ, SXSW, Sundance, POP Montreal, and NXNE. 

Beca’s newest track “#1 Crush” is a heavily ambient track that features her notable breathy vocals and sensual melody. “#1 Crush” is equipped with an addicting hook and seductive vibe. The lyricism is passionate, raw, soulful and we love the energy that it exudes. Beca’s vulnerability and heart come bleeding through the speakers as her pleading vocals recite poetry. Melancholic and haunting, “#1 Crush” remains refreshingly contemporary while proudly boasting dark electronic vibes. Through the lyrics may not be literal, they take the listener on a journey of metaphorical excellence and deep passion. We love “#1 Crush” and I will definitely be adding it to my personal playlist, I recommend you do the same! Stay on the lookout for Beca!

Check out “#1 Crush” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Beca! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started making music? How old were you?

Thanks so much! I've always had a deep connection to sound. As a romantic-from-birth kind of kid, I’d imagine hearing music in the wind and rustling through the trees. Growing up in the Hudson Valley in upstate NY, I started playing piano when I was 5 and writing songs around age 7. I was always singing and getting my sister, or any friends who were around, to harmonize and play duets with me. Throughout school, I performed in a variety of musical groups including chorus, wind ensemble, jazz band etc…if it was offered, I was there. I also recorded a few pop demos since writing songs and performing were always my greatest passions. In college, I majored in composition at Juilliard and wrote music for solo instruments, orchestra, and all kinds of ensembles. It was exhilarating to experiment with various genres, widen my sound palette, and push my stylistic and technical boundaries as a composer. Around that time, I discovered and fell in love with the dance music scene in NYC and started creating music influenced by that euphoric feeling of freedom I got from it. And although it’s taken some different forms, I haven’t stopped since.

What makes you so passionate about music? 

I love the idea that we each have a very personal soundtrack to our lives and can be deeply moved by certain songs or pieces that totally encapsulate how we’re feeling. Music is one of the most powerful universal languages, it can move us to do great things or just be with our emotions...whether it’s being happy, sad, or taking inspired action. It also can instantly bring people together or help raise money to try and soothe the world’s problems. It’s helped me get through a lot of challenging times, writing songs and performing them is so liberating.

Can you tell us more about your track “#1 Crush”? What is the meaning behind the lyrics?

We're talking about extreme fantasy here…and crazy, obsessive love. I wanted to put myself into that place where you would do anything for someone else in a way that’s completely unhealthy and show it viscerally with my voice. The late night synthy version I co-produced with Caller is dark, moody and pretty creepy – which is portrayed in the neon-lit teaser video I made with director Arthur Woo, shot at my apartment and in downtown LA.

What other artists would you compare your genre and sound to? Why?

I’d say my music is somewhat similar to Allie X, Little Boots, and Kimbra, as they all make a unique kind of synthpop, with some hints of Vangelis and Aaliyah. I’m also very inspired by Junkie XL, Disasterpeace, Chrome Sparks and Yaeji as of late.

What’s next for Beca?

I'll be releasing an original track later this summer, and my next show is at The Study in Hollywood on September 25th. I recently started producing my own music as well as starting some new collaborations, which I'll start rolling out next year.


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