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Dark Hues Mirror the Illumination that Singer-Songwriter Camila Knight Brings to the Table

Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Camila Knight combines atmospheric electronic textures with emotive vocals and empowering lyrics. Passionate about empowering others she aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood, unsettled, and make them feel at home.

Creating a magical, ethereal world confronted with honest, daring lyrics, Camila Knight is inspired by a wide range of artists and bands including Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Björk, Bon Iver, Coldplay, and AURORA, as she fashions a musical universe of her own.

Through the ambient essence of her recently released single, “In My Mind,” there’s a beauty that lies in the uniqueness that is cast out in a radiant manner. The instrumentation embraces the peaks and valleys of the musical narrative that is etched into the melodic foundation heard through the amalgamation of elements.

What strikes our ears as prominent in every way possible has to be the buoyantly dark atmosphere that is brought to life through sheer ambition, as the chronicles drastically unfold in the storytelling method that Camila Knight invites us into to feel. Allowing us to feel the push and pull that surfaces through lyrical motifs such as, ‘Was it meant to be this way, or am I the one to blame?’ we can’t take our ears off of the enticingly raw emotion that pours from Camila Knight herself.

Lacing an exhilarating whimsy of enchanted notions that drip through the thought-provoking depth of “In My Mind,” the admiration we have for Camila Knight is remarkable. Dazzling us through her inhibitions and utter virtuoso, we’ll gladly feast upon the poetic-like environment that has us grasping onto each word she harmoniously provides us with.

The beautiful atmosphere that you create in “In My Mind,” has us fully embracing your artistic ways! What story or moment provoked the intense nature of this song and the vision that you brought to life?

I wrote "In My Mind" during lockdown 1.0. I was stuck at home and felt slightly overwhelmed by the circumstances. I wanted to get away to free my mind from ongoing thoughts. At that moment I felt trapped and needed to write things down and to convert all these bundled emotions into sound and words. That's how the song came to life. Then I realized that this is a very common emotional state many of us are in at times. Basically, this song deals with mental health; it's an intimate conversation with an inner critic. It’s a musical depiction of an emotional roller coaster ride when we let our thoughts and fantasies get the better of us.

With lyrics that border candid and abstract lines, how does it feel to write from such a personal space of experience? Is this something you’ve always been able to do in a natural state?

It feels especially intimate. I hope this song speaks to a lot of people who are passing through anxieties and inner battles. Vulnerability can be our biggest power. In this song I really allowed myself to feel vulnerable and true to myself. Sometimes we don't give ourselves permission to admit that we don't feel great. This song embodies the "it's okay not to be okay" saying. It's vital, to be honest with yourself and express how you truly feel, not to keep it all bottled up inside. It's okay to take a break or leave a situation you don't feel comfortable in. This opens up a road to emotional healing. I've always seen songwriting as a way to express my feelings, meditate, and self-reflect.

Your musical influences are broad on the genre spectrum, and we love how we can hear bits and pieces throughout the tunes that you create. Was there a specific artist or band that inspired the sounds heard in “In My Mind”? How do you ensure to carve out your own lane while taking inspiration from others?

Thank you for your kind words. It's great that you could notice varied musical influences when listening to my songs. Definitely, when it comes to the sound a big inspiration for "In My Mind" was music production as in songs by Maggie Rogers, Lorde, Gabrielle Aplin, and Imagine Dragons. I naturally tend to write a certain style of music and I wouldn't say that it's massively similar to any artist in particular. I always try to be honest with myself when making music, so it's a true expression of what I feel at a given moment. I listen to all kinds of music, from jazz, soul, folk to pop. Definitely, all of them have influenced my music. But when I write a song I'm in my own universe, I don't look for common structures or typical chord progressions. I let myself drift into the music.

With “In My Mind,” residing on your forthcoming EP, what can you tell us about how it fits in the body of work that we’re eagerly awaiting?

"In My Mind" plays a pivotal role among the singles that will be compiled in my debut EP. It will be a very personal album full of uplifting and empowering stories. I want each song to feel very intimate but at the same time relatable and inspiring. I started writing songs to put down my feelings on paper but at the same time as a way to uplift and help others. Hope my debut EP will be sort of a cure and superpower for these special times we're living.

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