Dark With A Glowing Aura, Cruel Billie Unravels A Glimpse Of Her True Self

From closed bedroom doors to the exhilarating rush of standing in front of the microphone, the intoxicating presence of Cruel Billie is one that we’re glad has surfaced to the ears of the public.

Fixated on the evolution of her vocals and alluring sound, the singer-songwriter expresses her wit and charm, stemming from a visual place, as she allows us to enter her ominous world of captivating hues. Luring us into her debut EP “This Is Kismet,” the mesmerizing timbres of Cruel Billie takes us through both her musical and non-musical inspirations, and allows them to illuminate in the mysterious lights emitted in this project.

The Redlands, California-native has us on the hook of her impulsive magnetism, and as we continue to grasp a deeper sense of self from Cruel Billie, our fascination continues to unveil itself. Wrapped in the enticing aura she wears proudly, Cruel Billie’s “This Is Kismet,” is bound to take any listener down a burgeoning path of new doors to kick open.