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Darwin’s Daughter Releases New Song “Snow Angels in the Rain”

We are happy to announce the release of Darwin's Daughter latest release “Snow Angels in the Rain”. Darwin's Daughter features compelling, raw and honest musical stylings. “Snow Angels In The Rain” is a beautiful song that delivers exactly this, making it the perfect song for first-time listeners. Let's dive into “Snow Angels in the Rain”!

“Snow Angels in the Rain” grabs your attention before you even listen. With the enticing title, it already paints a picture in your mind. “Snow Angels in the Rain” starts off with pretty guitar notes and is accompanied by the wonderful and compelling vocals provided by Fiona. The melodies alone are enough to shed a tear, then she feeds us lyrics such as “I’m unstuck and you’re the glue” which makes us all no match for an emotional ride. The vocals from Fiona in “Snow Angels in the Rain” are drawn out, they are soft and whimsical making it the perfect song to listen to over the holidays. Lyrically, it feels like a love that is falling apart and “Snow Angels in the Rain” could be about making a love work that sadly just isn’t right, anymore.

“Snow Angels in the Rain” doesn’t build and progress instead you're being introduced to light new elements such as violin and piano. The song is 3 minutes and 54 seconds, which is just enough to make you fall in love with Darwin’s Daughter and her amazing song “Snow Angels in the Rain”. Be sure to hold on tight when listening to this gem of an emotional roller coaster.

Listen to “Snow Angels in the Rain” here.

Thanks for talking with us today at Buzz Music! “Snow Angels In The Rain” is such a unique title. Can you explain what this means to you?

I guess it's about how fragile we all are in the world and one day we will just disappear.

Have you found being from Ireland a big influence on the elements used in your song “Snow Angels in the Rain”?

Being from Ireland I love the outdoors and bringing outdoor elements to my songs. This one was actually inspired in the Scottish highlands when it snowed for a week trapping us indoors.

Who was the producer for this track?

Anthony Gibnet at Audioland Studios.

Where do you get your vocal and lyrical inspiration from?

Lyrically my songs tend to start from random thoughts I have when close to nature.  I love listening to people like Leonard Cohen and Glen Hansard for inspiration on how to communicate honestly and to simply express what's in my head and my heart. I also love listening to Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris vocally.

Lastly, what can your listeners expect next from you?

I've recorded a number of my slower songs so I'm thinking I need to start recording some more uptempo tracks in 2020.



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