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Darwin Topz is All About That "Self Love" in His New Song Release

Canadian artist Darwin Topz has his sights set on perfecting his craft and overall artistry. With a desire to consistently evolve and grow his sound, Darwin Topz hopes himself and his music are representative of his impassioned musical soul.

Darwin Topz's music can be described as an eclectic take on the trap music scene, as he extracts influence from artists such as A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, and Future, all while embedding his own impactful twist.

The latest track that Darwin Topz released was titled, "Self Love," and it proved to have a considerable flow from Darwin Topz himself. The concepts of self-love and being self-made are two heavily present reiterations throughout the song, solidifying the overall theme of "Self Love." The single takes on both an underground rap style and modern flairs from today's hip/hop scene.

That quality vibe is present as a result of Darwin Topz's insane wordplay. With his utterly clever wit, Darwin Topz was able to say quite a few one-liners in "Self Love" that will definitely get a listen thinking. All in all, "Self Love" was truly a delivery of Darwin Topz's witty charm, as he strategically arranged each and every lyric in the track so that it served his ultimate entertaining purposes.

Soon you'll be able to catch more vivid soundscapes from Darwin Topz, as well as visuals with his recent experimentation with videography.

Let's start off by chatting more about the inspiration you received in order to write the lyrics of the track. What went about during the writing stage that made you choose and arrange each lyric in the way you did?

The song came about in a really organic way. I had been going through a period of time where I was lacking inspiration. Since I hadn't been making a ton of music during that time, I had been devoting my time to taking care of myself. I was really focusing on "self love." One day I had enough of this lack of creativity in my life so I put on a random beat as I began my shower, and decided I would freestyle until I found inspiration for a song. The first beat that played was the beat I used for "self love," and the first thing I freestyled was the chorus. It almost felt like a reward for the hard work I'd been putting into bettering myself as a person. After the chorus had been freestyled the rest of the song came easily. I ended my shower and had the song finished in under 20 minutes. I'm all about catching a vibe in my more upbeat songs so I did not focus on the lyrics too much in the verses. I'm heavily influenced by trap music and that certainly influenced the style and lyrics of this song. The chorus has a great takeaway message and the verses are something to get hype and party to.

If there was one takeaway message each listener could extract from "Self Love," which were you hoping it was?

The main message is of course to take care of yourself and give yourself love. It's rare that a trap-style song comes with a title like "Self Love." I'm trying to make trap-type music without the negative messages and influences that listeners are left with when they listen to trap music. It's not something I've mastered yet but I definitely got a lot closer with this song. The chorus is the part of the song that most people will remember, and it's the part with the best message. Another message I'd like people to receive is that hard work really pays off. It's an obvious message but people still need to hear it. I remade this song and video more than once and it was scary because I didn't know if I'd achieve the final product I wanted, but the hard work did pay off.

What do you believe was the most versatile component to "Self Love?”

The song has a medium-range tempo so it can be listened to in multiple settings from driving in the car to a party or anything in between, it also means people can enjoy it in multiple moods. On top of that, it also has a mix of melodic hip hop as well as faster rapping, which allows for a wider variety of listeners.

Can listeners expect your future music to share a similar style to that presented in "Self Love?”

My sound varies depending on my mood, circumstance, and what I'm writing about. However, I have two main sounds that a vast majority of my songs fall under in some way or another. The first is a melodic trap style sound which self-love definitely fits under. The second is a more lyrical and complex style of writing. Both of these styles cast a large umbrella of different sounds and styles that I can experiment with, this allows me to remain versatile while still carving a unique and distinguishable niche for myself. It's safe to say that most of my future songs will fall somewhere under that umbrella.

What's next for you?

My main focus is to become a master of my craft. I want to be fluent in writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and producing. I'm well on my way but I definitely haven't the 10 thousand hours they say you need to put in to become a master. In terms of releasing more music, I have a number of singles locked and loaded at the moment. My plan is to drop those simultaneously and then follow up with the album I'm working on with the other members of the artist collective I'm a part of, and then drop a solo album after that. I'm also in the process of starting my clothing brand which will debut this winter, but I don't want to say too much about that at the moment.

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