Dash Michelle Debuts Her Sultry Vibes on Her Debut Single, "Bet Dat"

Multi-talented singer and songwriter Dash Michelle emits a sultry ambiance with debut single, “Bet Dat.”

Reigning from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dash Michelle has been musically inclined from a young age. Always influenced by R&B, this gifted artist is steadily making a name for herself by creating melodies that listeners can relate to on a first-hand level.

“Bet Dat,” is the introductory track for this spirited R&B artist. It was a collaborative effort with the creative mastermind, Davis Chris who lent his hand in co-writing and producing this hit. Dash Michelle makes a big splash with her debut single and shows us a more vulnerable side of herself.

“Bet Dat,” drips in the flirtatious vibrations that Dash Michelle exudes in her vocal performance. This Contemporary R&B record transports you to a tale of love and lust that have you thinking about the special someone right off the bat. This soft ballad carries a captivating melody that you couldn’t forget if you tried. The memorable hook contains striking harmonies that showcase the vocal range of Dash Michelle in such a graceful manner.

Davis Chris’ production carries its own as it shows that less is more in this auditory instance while allowing Dash Michelle’s vocals to remain a centerpiece and act as an instrument of its own. With each word that is vocalized, you can’t help but be entranced by the soothing and warm embrace that this record radiates while it takes you under its wing.

Dash Michelle emits an introductory single that ranks high on the totem pole, you can’t help but fall for her alluring personality as she shows why she is a promising up and coming artist.

Congratulations on the release of, “Bet Dat.” With you tapping into your vulnerability for your debut single, something that not a lot of artists can do easily, what made you decide to make, “Bet Dat,” your debut single?

Thank you BuzzMusic for interviewing me. We all go through situations that find us in our most vulnerable state, so I wanted to express that side of me. Although some choose to remain shy about it, I chose to go with a more comfortable vibe because we shouldn’t be afraid to work with other parts of ourselves. I became inspired by the many females of R&B from different eras and grew up hearing it played often so I’ve always felt like that’s where I’d make my mark. 

What does “Bet Dat,” mean to you on a personal level?

Personally, “Bet Dat” means be as limitless as you can handle but also make what you require a part of that standard. It’s okay to be dominant if you choose as a woman but I like it when everything is balanced on one accord. 

Could you please take us into what the studio session looked like when recording this track?

Davis Chris (a phenomenal friend of mine who is quite successful in this independent music business) and I were literally in my Mom’s kitchen and we cooked up a fire track that we’d been plotting on for a while. I even had Crawfish Étouffée for the first time a few days after haha.

With each artist carrying a different creative process, could you take us into what goes into yours?

My creative process can go a number of ways. In fact, I usually prefer starting off with a beat to get a feel of the emotions I want to express at that moment because my pen leads the way from then on. Other times when I’m tapping into my creativity I make sure to include what’s currently happening in my life or something I’ve experienced that needs to be expressed until it’s content with me or said in various messages. My intent is to always end up with something that’s raw and relatable.

Do you have any other projects in the works that you plan on releasing before the end of 2020?

I’m delighted by the often posed question. I actually have a feature with rapper TheoryH20 coming this Halloween 2020! On his new album “No Identity” I’m track number 6. “Used Cars” is a song basically touching base with a male/female perspective on how being vulnerable may have you caught up in emotions that have taken a toll on both individuals one way or another. I’m blessed to have another song dropping in the midst of this unfortunate pandemic. The best is yet to come so all I can say is stay tuned!