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Daud Aur Yahudy Graces Us With New Single "Ahab"

Daud Aur Yahudy is an artist from Florida with influences from genres such as RnB, soul, alternative rock, pop, folk and jazz. This artist’s music is all about love and overcoming, with a focus on poetic and meaningful lyrics that connect with each listener.

“Ahab” is a recently released single by Daud Aur Yahudy. This is a great tune that will definitely have you in an instant dream-like state. The song begins with what sounds like soft tropical wind. The beat has a definite ethereal quality to it, with a lush sounding reverberated electric guitar and various percussive elements that have a simple but effective quality to them. Without discrediting the effectiveness of the arrangement and instrumentation, the vocals are really what sell this song. Daud Aur Yahudy has a captivating quality and timbre to his voice that you just can’t learn or teach.

The lyrics and overall vibe of this song draw you right in, and his execution of the vocals just seem so effortless. The narrative that occurs in the middle of the song is a wonderfully positive message that fits perfectly as a means to divide the song up. If you need to take a step back from the chaos of your normal life, this song will most definitely help you do that. Daud Aur Yahudy is has a truly unique sound that you have to hear to understand. Take a relaxing trip and check out “Ahab” today!

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