Daughter of Dawn Delivers a Haunting Release With, "Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores"

The Minnesota-based trans artist, activist, and producer Daughter of Dawn releases her haunting escape with a memorable single entitled "Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores."

Known for her highly spiritual sound, Daughter of Dawn's career began in 2018 and quickly took off in 2020 after releasing her debut self-recorded and produced album, 'Crushed into Dust By the Weight of the World.' After twenty years in punk, metal, and hardcore bands, Daughter of Dawn turned to a vulnerable, spiritual, and passion-driven sound.

Also releasing a music video for the single, "Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores," Daughter of Dawn drenches the video's atmosphere in black and white tones while offering her vulnerable lyricism alongside her melancholy guitar. Through Daughter of Dawn's haunting vocals and the song's tender instrumentals, listeners are bound to feel their hearts skip a beat.

"Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores" softly begins with Daughter of Dawn's saddened electric guitar melodies soaked in reverb. Once her mesmerizing vocals appear, Daughter of Dawn truly lifts listeners into a melancholy lullaby, primarily through the unique and ghostly vocal layering.

Accompanied by an array of down-tempo drums and claps, Daughter of Dawn offers a magnetic and chilling performance while floating overtop of the ethereal instrumentals and production. As Daughter of Dawn holds our hand and leads us to the outro, the instrumentals begin to groan and ache with power, especially the robust electric guitar that serenades us until the very last second.

Introduce yourself to Daughter of Dawn's discography on all digital streaming platforms, and begin your venture with the haunting release, "Juniper Boughs Collide Upon My Shores."