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Dave Vargo Scorches With New Track “Battle Burns”

It’s got all the markings of a hit tune- guitars carrying the melody (acoustic and electric), steadfast drums and a tuned in lead singer with a voice that somehow reminds you of kindheartedness and makes the chaos around you sit still for a moment. The lyrics are beautifully written, the descriptiveness of feeling loneliness and despair somehow come across as being thoughtful and tender. It’s NOT about giving up that’s for sure; just as the title suggests there’s a burning battle waging to keep going and “press on through to find the answers “. There’s still hope on “Battle Burns”, that’s what makes this song so endearing.

Vargo hails from East Brunswick, NJ where he currently performs solo, part of an acoustic duo (Kim & Dave) and with his band Chicken Bark, AND (deep breath in), he is also an active session player and songwriter. It’s safe to say Dave eats and breathes music; a graduate with honors from Berklee College of Music, Dave has had the privilege of working with many notable talents including: Whitney Houston, Phoebe Snow and Vonda Shepard. Dave’s debut album, “Burning Through” was released October 2016 and he is hard at work on his second album due out Spring 2019- we can’t wait! Stream “Battle Burns” today discover for yourself how talented Dave Vargo is!

Check it out here! Check out our interview with Dave Vargo below.

Hi Dave! Thanks so much for talking to us- we loved your latest single “Battle Burns”. Can you tell us what the meaning of the song holds for you?

Like most of my songs, this one started with the chords and melody. The lyrics were much harder to come by. I came across the phrase "battle burns" that I had jotted down in my phone and that got me started. I guess the song, at it's core, is about surviving life's struggles.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to get into a career in music?

I think that I started seriously thinking about it in 7th or 8th grade.

You seem like you’re very formative in your community’s music scene, what do enjoy most about connecting with other musicians in your area?

The support. The environment that I experienced during my first go round in the music business was very aggressive and cut throat. Today, at least around the Asbury Park area, people are much more supportive and happy for your successes. 

You’re working on a new album due out within the next month or so, what can we expect from these new recordings?

It has been over 2 years since I released my first album. I am excited to have new music to share! The album will be called Spaces in between. There will be 11 songs, including Battle Burns.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

Well, certainly the release of the new album!


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