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David Houle Sings Of Love And Loss In, “One More Night”

From rural Loretteville, Quebec, multidisciplinary artist and singer-songwriter David Houle serenade us in a tender new ballad entitled "One More Night."

David Houle is no stranger to hardship. Having struggled with addiction for a decade, he now uses his voice to motivate his audience to face their struggles and inspire them toward the path to recovery. Having performance alongside names like Blink-182, Simple Plan, Slipknot, The Strokes, and many more, David Houle's successful career is just getting started.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has such a way with words; his lyrics are just as compelling as they are visceral. In his recent single, "One More Night," David Houle blesses us with a personal and vulnerable ballad that examines the hardships of love while wishing to put aside the pain and heartbreak for "One More Night."

Expanding on the new single, we're met with melancholy piano chords alongside David Houle's crooning and velvety vocals that touch on the turbulent situation he's found himself in. Houle's performance is so captivating; his charismatic vocals portray intimate and vulnerable emotions that listeners are sure to relate with.

You can quite literally hear the weight being lifted off David Houle's shoulders as he expresses his inner thoughts of love and loss. The song's minimal instrumentation lets Houle shine bright in the spotlight while ensuring his message gets across in the clearest manner. It's clear he's not letting up, and David Houle is ready to forget the past for "One More Night."

Not a day goes by when David Houle doesn't inspire someone to get back on the right path. Feast your ears on the expressive emotion he showcases in his recent single, "One More Night," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, David Houle. We truly admire the intimacy and vulnerability you've showcased in your recent single, "One More Night." What experiences with relationships inspired this emotional ballad?

There have been nights when I’ve stayed up too late and overthought past relationships. What if I did this differently? Do they still think of me? Do I miss them, or am I just lonely? Even though time has passed and things have changed, the memories and fairytales still linger. Those reflections inspired this ballad.

What was the most rewarding part about opening up and creating a vulnerable song like "One More Night?"

The most rewarding part was the aftermath. I had the privilege to work with two incredible artists, Dani Maloney and Mike Wynn. Together we created such a unique and raw visual. To date, this is the proudest I've been about any project I've done.

Do you usually write extremely personal and grippingly emotional songs like "One More Night?" Is this intimate sound something you're familiar with?

I usually write when I am feeling down or sad. It's such a great emotional outlet for me. I'm currently attempting to work on some more upbeat songs, but my lyrics usually come to me organically.

What do you hope listeners take away from your profoundly emotional single, "One More Night?" What impact do you want to leave on listeners?

There is power in allowing ourselves to gently and safely visit our most complex emotions. We sometimes make decisions influenced by our current situation, and sometimes what we want and have are two different things. I hope listeners realize we can still be strong, even when feeling defeated.

What's next for you?

I’m currently balancing performing in the award-winning Las Vegas show "Extravaganza" and working on my next single. It’ll be my first-ever dance track. I’ll have the privilege of collaborating with one of the best dancers I know, Amber Teolis. Filming is scheduled for January 2023, with the international release set for February 16th, 2023. Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone enjoys my latest single, "One More Night."


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