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David Koster Talks His Album 'Music in the Life of David' & What's to Come From Him in 2020

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What’s the story behind “David Koster”?

My life has revolved around music since I was born.  Our household has a song playing at all times and because of that music has been engrained in me, it’s something I’m very familiar with and understand very well.  I grew up listening to classic rock like The Beatles and the Stones because that’s what my parents grew up with.  We watched all of these great live shows like The Last Waltz, Queen Live at Wembley, and Elton John’s One Night Only.  I decided at a young age after watching those shows that playing music like these legends was exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  I started playing guitar and taught myself piano from that.  I then went off to join a local band called Bandcamp, and through the shows, I played and people I met from that band, I formed a second group called Fahrenheit which was much more successful.  Since then I have performed at some great venues like Shady Brook Farms, John and Peter’s, The Broken Goblet, Peterskirche, and the Grandhotel Pupp.  These experiences all led to me becoming the musician I am today, and ultimately The David Koster Band. You have some huge accomplishments, congrats! Some of these include playing at some world-renowned music venues. Which has been your favorite?  Why? I’d have to go with the Grandhotel Pupp on this one.  It’s an absolutely astonishing venue with giant pillars and artwork all over.  My choir performed there in 2018 on a tour of Germany and the Czech Republic alongside the Leipzig Youth Orchestra.  We made some absolutely amazing music there and the level of musicianship I was able to witness while there was mind-blowing.  Because of all these reasons I’d have to put it as one of my top experiences in my whole life, and can easily call it my favorite venue that I’ve performed at.

We really enjoyed your single “Space Radio” from your latest album 'Music In the Life of David'. How would you describe your creative process behind this song and record? The main idea behind “Music In the Life of David” was to be more in-depth and expressive about events that have happened in my life than my first album.  I feel I accomplished this through songs like Paper Boat, My Queen, and Light of Day.  They all have very deep metaphors in them as well as stories that mean something on a personal level to me.  The song Space Radio started out as just a small little concept about people playing music with one another and turned into an amazing metaphor about music in my life and how I want to spread it.  One of the lines in Space Radio is “How we do it you might ask, but it can’t be said in the tongue, it spreads through everyone” in reference to how music is able to capture an emotion and spread it through a group of people.   What inspired you to write this single?

I was jamming with an old friend one day to a song called “Franklin’s Tower” by The Grateful Dead.  The song has on multiple occasions been called the perfect template for jamming and soloing, which inspired me to write a song with a similar format where the main idea is for the song to be a blank canvas.  By doing this the entire band can express lots of creativity through playing off of one another.  The whole idea of Space Radio came from how I wanted every musician to be able to tune in and play along with this song, similar to how a radio sends waves around the world for people to tune in to a station.  When people tune in to Space Radio I hope they can jam along to it and make their own experience and music with it, whether it be that they get an idea from the song, or just enjoy playing it!   What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you?

I’m most looking forward to the opportunities the year will present.  I hope to record and release as many albums as possible so definitely expect more than one album in 2020 from The David Koster Band!  I will try to gig as much as I can to promote this music, and hopefully, something will come out of it that helps me take the next step into growing a following for my music!



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