David Lei Brandt Drops Brand New Single “Love You Outta Style” Ft. Black Prez

Los Angeles native David Lei Brandt is back with a brand new single! “Love You Outta Style” is a dance-pop hit crossover and we can’t get enough. David is a brilliant singer/songwriter, with a four-octave range and relatable themes throughout his music. 

Listen to “Love You Outta Style” at volume for the full effect, multiple layers of synths and heavy bass notes and beats rain down, showcasing a structurally entertaining and engaging piece that utilizes contrast well. The pauses and subsequent drops are effectively executed, seeing the track move from melodically entrancing moments of pop to grittier hits of alternative dance and even a flicker of hip hop with Black Prez’s verse just to keep things moving. Production-wise, “Love You Outta Style” almost seems like two compositions at once, the instrumental version would work well in itself as cinematic escapism. With the vocal melody and story-line though. “Love You Outta Style” becomes something else entirely. It feels a little electro-pop thanks to that level of personality in David LEi Brandt’s incredible voice. The track grows to become more enjoyable with every few seconds that pass. Retro elements fuse fresh and uplifting qualities to offer a memorable and quite striking audio journey.

Check out “Love You Outta Style” feat. Black Prez here and read more with David Lei Brandt in our interview below! 

Welcome back, David Lei Brandt! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Love You Outta Style”. Can you explain to our readers the meaning and inspiration behind the track?

When we started producing the track, (2 years ago), it started out as a dark EDM club track. I actually wrote 3 different songs to it because I just was never sold on what was happening. Then I realized I wanted a track that would put the listener at the concert. Nothing is better to me then envisioning the show while listening to a song. As far as the meaning of it… I just wanted a simple hook to sing back while having a mean head bop.

“Love You Outta Style” is easily one of the most enjoyably addictive and upbeat pop songs to emerge in quite a while! Was it your intention to build something that would translate in such an energetic and stage-ready manner, or did that just come as part of the writing process?

Wow. Thanks so much for your words. For me, every song I produce and write from the beginning has the intention of having a  “stage-ready” manner.

We love Black Prez’s verse in the song! Can you tell us how this collaboration came about?

Glad you love it! I was performing in Berlin and he had come to show with not knowing who I was. After the performance, we had a couple of words and realized we were both from the states. So instantly we were cool. I went home and checked his music out and then decided it was a no brainer that I needed him on the song. His energy and penmanship are by far better than most out there. Everything happens for a reason. 

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Love You Outta Style”?

I mean I’m sure you can tell with the record that MJ is the heavy influence. The way the track feels and the way my vocal stying is with the melodies it's clear. haha. I wanted to mix a bit of MJ and JT with the live sound, but then take it to the club. 

Thank you so much for chatting with us again! Can you share with our readers one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in the music industry thus far?

No is not an option and age doesn’t mean shit. You have to do it yourself. No one will invest you unless you do it first. There will be no better feeling when you sell out an arena and you say to the crowd, “We did it”.