David Sosa Reminds Us to “Laugh” With His Soulful New Single

Based in New York, David Sosa is a singer and songwriter who aims to build emotional connections through his soulful lyricism. He grew up with exposure to classical music genres such as opera, jazz, and broadway. Through this experience, David developed a taste for multi-genre music. He now creates music with influences from countless genres; mainly soul and gospel. David takes advantage of his ability to inspire people through his lyrics in his new release “Laugh.”

The single “Laugh” begins with a variety of David Sosa’s expressive vocal trills, introducing the soulful tone of the song. Once the lyrics begin he includes a jazz-inspired beat made up of keyboard chords. He has a smooth voice that fits the style of the song. During the chorus, the vocals have an echoing effect as he draws out the word “laugh” to display his vocal talent. Throughout “Laugh” David Sosa throws in occasional high pitched wind chimes to give the song some depth and add effect to certain moments. Lyrically, he sings about his ability to ignore judgment and focus on the joy inside his soul. He radiates positivity by bringing attention to “simply laughing” in the face of negativity. The message behind David Sosa’s lyrics tells fans what is really inside his soul – laughter.

Check out "Laugh" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic David Sosa! Just like laughter, your energy is contagious. Can you elaborate on the message behind your lyrics in “Laugh?” What is the main message you try to spread as an artist?

Laugh is basically about finding power in joy and finding power in laughter. It  Is the laughter that comes from knowledge and faith that things will work out in your good no matter what you're faced with so you can simply laugh in the face of adversity or any obstacles presented your way. I  tend to want to stir the emotions of my listeners and have them understand that yeah heartbreak happens in life and pain too, but through it all there are learning experiences that are priceless and is always a constant connection to a higher source.

You have named many musical influences including Luther Vandross, Donny Hathaway, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, and Rachelle Ferrell. Can you tell us how these artists inspire your musical style?

I think they all had very particular ways of utilizing their voice to emote the emotions behind their music and so they can take a remake and/or something original and really make you feel it deep down in your bones and make you have a visceral reaction.  I cannot say I have that effect on everyone who hears me sing or listens to my lyrics but I've been compared to the above artists on some things I may do vocally in my phrasing or how I approach songwriting.  All very flattering as these are my top fav artists. 

You are known for your ability to effortlessly mesh genres into one song. Can you tell us how your exposure to many genres growing up helped you become this type of artist?

I listened to everything growing up. Classic jazz, Opera, Broadway show tunes, soul/ r&b, rock, blues, gospel ect... I paid attention to the music and the delivery and words. It all shaped me.  My father keen on supporting my gift saw to it that I took voice lessons and learned how to utilize and maintain my gift properly. Due yo my exposure to so many songs and genres, it's easy for me to mash up two songs one would never normally hear together. I'm most known for doing a mash-up of Sade/Mariah Carey in my live performances. Even in Laugh, you can hear subtle nods to Elton John and EW&F.

You are scheduled to release an EP called “To Love” in the summer of 2020. Could you give fans a hint of what they can expect from this project?

Journey:  To Love, is my come to the album.  I wrote the majority of the material 10yrs ago having ended with a toxic individual. During this time I ministered to myself by writing my feelings down and soon after melodies followed and all the seeds were there for the planting. This project will take listeners through my personal initial relationship with love as it pertains to my ideas and revelations through that journey.  The excitement, the breakup, the healing. Musically many nods to the R&B/Soul greats I grew up listening to, while still being current. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

More music lives, virtual, or otherwise.  It's important to keep sharing and engaging everyone in a time that seems so scary and in need of the healing the arts bring.  I just want to do my part.