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Dawn Rix Puts Her Trust In God

What does the term "making it" mean to you?


Not giving up and putting one step in front of the other even if in slow motion and baby steps ...we are all a work in progress! To me never settling and pursuing your dreams that in itself  is " Making It!" If you had a superpower what would it be and why?

If I could zap Autism I would but even more so I would love to have the power to be the voice between a mother and a nonverbal child with Autism. To share all they are thinking. I know how it feels after years of waiting and praying to hear "I love you" from my son. No parent should have to miss out on that

How do you feel the future is bright?

All things happen for a reason! Believe it and see it! The future is always Bright because

GOD can be trusted. He always keeps his promises!  If you could meet one inspirational person, living or deceased, who would it be and why? 

Charlie Daniels! I briefly had the honor of meeting him before a show but would have loved the opportunity to spend the day with him! He was so wise, talented, had such a strong faith and love of God and this country! I did not go a day without reading his daily devotionals and words of advice! My goodness, can you imagine how much one could learn from a single conversation with such an icon? Wow! 


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