De Royce And Alex Come In Hot With That Big “NRG”

Music allows connection to form on many levels, allowing one to tap into their dreams, desires, and hopes. For De Royce, music has been about connecting to his heritage.

Hailing from his diverse background in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and America, the collision of cultures has enriched the artist's ability to communicate through the emotional power of music. Exploring various genres in the music he creates, including hip-hop, dancehall, pop, and R&B, De Roye continues to curate a versatile discography that can move any crowd.

De Royce has recently teamed up with Alex on their latest summer sizzler, "NRG" This upbeat and playful anthem will get you through those hot days as the breezy lyrics and slick verses are enough to add this jam to your playlist. Alex is from T.O.K, one of the most prominent dancehall reggae groups from Jamaica, and is now stepping into the world of solo artistry.

Effervescence at its finest, De Royce and Alex come together to up the ante and bring a slice of hype into your everyday life. As we take in the music video for "NRG," the sun-kissed landscapes paint a picture of this pop medley magnetically.

As both De Royce and Alex embrace the beauty of models and get lost in the rhythm of "NRG," we see the two up-and-coming artists setting the tone for an electric night out. Palm trees, beaches, and those moments you won't forget, we see it all complement each other in the various scenes emitted throughout the film.

Bringing that international flavor to the table, this duo most certainly makes attention-grabbing content that you can't take your eyes or ears off of. The summer hit may have arrived just in time for us to feel the heat on our skin as we loop "NRG" on repeat.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, De Royce & Alex! Congratulations on releasing your latest single and video for "NRG" This music video brings out all the best parts of summer and nights we won't forget. Was this always the concept for the visuals?

Thanks for having me, it’s a pleasure. This wasn’t the exact concept for the “NRG” video actually. We were supposed to have a bunch of visual fx & showcase us passing on positive energy to everything and everyone we can across. It was so much different cool elements Alex & I came up with. But being an independent artist it’s hard to enter the realm of the POP music budget.

Who helped you bring the sonic and visual components of "NRG" to life? How did the people around you contribute to the vision?

My manager actually linked me and Alex & helped bring the pieces together for this project. So then Alex & I started bouncing ideas back n forth about the feel of the instrumental. We immediately noticed it had 80 elements and him & I both love the 80’s music so we started thinking of Michael Jackson, Prince & all the other greats as inspiration. Then we spoke about wanting to bring positive vibes & NRG into the record. Alex & Richie loop (another great dancehall artist) was in the studio working on a demo to send me and I fell in love instantly with the vibe of what I heard. I started writing my verse right there and sent it back in a voice note. Alex got hype as well, then I recorded my part and sent it to them and the rest is history.

How long did it take for the music video to be filmed? Are there any moments on set that made this experience memorable?

It was a one-day shoot, from afternoon to midnight. The whole shoot was a very fun experience. Everyone had good vibes and NRG. From the director Damien Sandoval to his crew, to the models, to my team. Everyone was vibing out with no stress, that definitely added to what we showcased on camera. I can say the most memorable time on set was when Damien Sandoval took us on the pier & we shot the arcade scene he told us to keep the arcade token cards cause when this music video blow up we have a memorable item to relive that moment.

Now, "NRG" isn't the first time you two have collaborated. Can we expect to hear this music relationship continue?

It is in fact the first time Alex & I did a collab, & it’s definitely not the last. We have some stuff in the works, stay tuned for that.

What's next for you?

Next up, I’m dropping a music video for my latest single “ICY” it is going to be another movie stay tuned for that. Also, I will be doing a lot more shows now that outside is opening up, like I said stay tuned. It’s going to be a great year for me.