De-stress with the Soothing Vocals of Sarah Tromley in Newest Single, "Burnside"

The way that Sarah Tromley arranges her vocal outflow is incredibly smooth, offering moments of tranquillity and serene comfort. Her nature as an artist has always been gentle and affable, as she often glides through luscious ballads with utmost poise and affection. Another aspect of her artistry that doesn't go unnoticed is her ability to have real depth, exploring versatile themes that many can understand.

Bringing nostalgic narratives to the table, all while maintaining a sensual and home-like feel, Sarah Tromley works to inspire many with their own thoughts and feelings, often diving deep into her own in order to do so.

Blissful guitar melodies open the soundscape of Sarah Tromley's latest single, "Burnside." The track comes with a music video, where the light-hearted indie-pop style effortlessly radiates. "Burnside" has poignant lyricism, supporting the concept of love and heartbreak. Sarah Tromley ventures through her vulnerable truths regarding love in "Burnside," and the song ultimately offers listeners to know her in a more elaborate way. The slight electronic presence adds a cooling element to the single, which only further contributes to the loosened and laidback feel.

"Burnside" brought many of Sarah Tromley's outlooks to life, and her soft-spoken vocals are all listeners will be fixated on through the majority of the track.

Thank you for being with us to chat about your latest release "Burnside." "Burnside" had a very soft and amiable presence to it. What was the hope you had after creating this single regarding the emotional state you wanted to leave your listeners in?

I wanted to let people know that it’s okay to lean into their vulnerability. That being an outsider can feel lonely, but in fact, it’s not so bad to be different. I escaped to my roots and the things that keep me grounded around all the noise of LA. And I just want people to give themselves permission to go back home. 

As an artist who has such a distinguishable sound, especially when it's regarding the smoothness of your vocals, how would you describe the way you manifested this vocal style? Was it crafted over time or was it an element to your sound that came naturally to you?

First of all, I LOVE MANIFESTING things......My sound is organic and came from a combination of my musical influences who are old school but also new vibes. I grew up on the classics but also knew that you don’t have to belt it out to touch people's sensibilities. Carly Simon, James Taylor, Adele, John Mayer really got me through my parent’s divorce. I knew that I wanted my voice to flow like a calm river even through that raging storm.

Is there any aspect to the sound of "Burnside" that caught you by surprise once the track was successfully completed?

I knew that it was personal, but it also grew legs and I knew instantly that this could be an EDM cross over the track as well as a “cruising down PCH” vibe. I also didn’t realize how much I created a mirrored world from my growing up on Burnside to my new unfamiliar world in LA. “Burnside” was a therapy piece and I talked to my heart while writing this track and the music just became a love letter to that younger me that I longed for...

Do you always see yourself creating music? Are you inclined to continue to create music similar to "Burnside", or can listeners expect a switch-up from you anytime soon regarding the essence of your sound? 

I'm glad you asked that question because music is another artery to my heart. I live and breathe it because it allows me to bear my soul without judgment. I hope it becomes a launchpad to more opportunities on-screen and even behind the scenes. I want to empower other young women to seize the moment. My new EP which will be released in October will be a different vibe and a sound that is elevated and tackles some deep-seated memories. Just wait, you are going to be pleasantly surprised. I'm a chameleon and if you don't evolve in this industry, then you die. Being irrelevant is not a goal, I have so much to say and want those words to be sung long after I'm gone.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? 

Staycations have kept me really inspired. Changing my scenery is a part of my process. Like a fragrance can remind of a moment. A simple walk among the palm trees or looking at the waves crash onto the shores sparks this creative energy within me. We've all been forced to be resilient and adaptable during this time. As an artist, it’s so cool to test my boundaries and conquer new feelings, because after all, we write what we know (and I know that this year has been a horror movie with some weird rom-com moments... LOL).