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Dead Cassette Releases An Anthem Of Regret With, "Through Hell"

Coming in hot from Akron, Ohio, 5-piece metalcore band Dead Cassette blasts through our speakers with a blazing and cathartic sophomore single, "Through Hell."

The Akron-based band comprises Justin Karallus' thrilling screams, Crobin Wandling's clean vocals/rhythm guitar, Arthur Lawrence's lead guitar, Joe Hoover's bass, and Kollin Manuel's drums. Together Dead Cassette brings us metalcore at its finest, debuting their fiery creations with the single "Revive."

Now, Dead Cassette is showcasing another layer of their vast artistry through the heavy-hearted (emphasis on heavy) sophomore single "Through Hell." This gripping new track is the perfect way to get to know the band's creative stylings as they blast us with the fires of metalcore while both vocalists take us through the debilitating emotions of loving someone who did you dirty.

Diving into the new track, "Through Hell," we splash into the steamy waters of Dead Cassette's thrilling instrumentals, especially Manuel's tightly-wound and intricate drum arrangements that up the song's energy. As Kraullus begins screaming through our speakers with the utmost pain and emotion, he takes us into the fires of a hellish relationship and loving someone who caused nothing but pain and suffering.

Wandling's stirring vocals perfectly enhance that lingering theme of suffering through such turbulent emotions, all while Lawrence's lead guitar shimmers in the foreground and Hoover's enthralling bass licks jab us in the gut. This song is incredibly dynamic, and Dead Cassette truly has us on the edge of our seats the entire time. As they take us to the outro, Dead Cassette leaves us with an abundance of emotion, angst, and regret.

Buckle up and dive "Through Hell" with Dead Cassette's sizzling sophomore single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dead Cassette. We truly felt the burn of your heated sophomore single, "Through Hell." What inspired your band to create such a cathartic and compelling track like this?

Justin: Corbin presented a rough draft of the instrumental to us and said he'd been sitting on the song for a while. During the first listen, I felt the emotion in my chest and knew I had to write some emotional melodies and lyrics to match how the song made me feel. When writing my share of the lyrics, I channeled previous experiences I've had with people in my past who have wronged me so that the emotion I was expressing would be genuine.

Who wrote the heavy lyrics for "Through Hell"? Was it easy to unleash those thoughts and be so vulnerable during the songwriting process?

Corbin: We both wrote the lyrics and I played off of Justin's original idea that we based off of the moods of the song. Yes, it's easy cuz if you don't write about this s***, it eats you alive."

How did your band begin creating the gripping instrumentals for "Through Hell?" How long did it take to create and finalize your blazing instrumental arrangements?

Corbin: I wrote the main parts of the song back in 2017 and never used it until last year. It came together more naturally with this group of guys. The breakdown more so came to life with Kollin playing it differently than I'd ever heard in my head. That part came together on its own in the studio.

Should we expect to hear "Through Hell" on your forthcoming debut album? What themes or concepts will you present on that project?

Justin: Oh yeah, "Through Hell" will definitely be on the debut record. As far as themes for the album as a whole go, I usually like to write about positive or eye-opening things. Our first single "Revive" was about bouncing back from adversity. "Through Hell" is something for people to relate to because we've all been in relationships with people, whether it be friends, family, roommates, or significant others, where you would follow them through Hell and they wouldn't do the same for you. Our next single is about anxiety and humanity killing the planet. We have a song about moving on from heartbreak, a song about letting go of pain, and the album opens with a song about being who you want to be and not conforming to what society or other people want you to be. There are a lot of different themes happening on the new record. But, in a genre filled with negativity, I try my hardest to give something positive for people to take away from it.

What goals do you have for the band this year?

Justin: This year is really exciting for us. We're playing all over Ohio and neighboring states, we're getting booked to play music festivals, Arthur is having a baby, and we're releasing our debut record. We're all really excited about everything going on and the crazy part is that we already have enough material to start tracking our next album. This band is a machine that never stops writing. I love it, but I never get to relax. It's always writing lyrics to the 5 songs Corbin and Arthur wrote this week. Then I wake up at 4 am to go to work and Joe put another song in the drive. Like, this band writes an album a month, it's ridiculous! I love it though. There's nobody else I'd rather be playing with than this stellar group of guys. 2022 is gonna be a great year.


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