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DEAD CHIC Takes Us To 'The Venus Ballroom'

Emerging from the rich musical backgrounds of its members, DEAD CHIC, a Franco-English Rock and Roll group, has carved out a distinct sound in the contemporary music scene.

The group, which consists of Andy Balcon (Heymoonshaker), Damien Félix (Catfish & Bigger), Mathis Akengin (Emea), and Remi Ferbus (Kimberose & Mika), is known for its dark, soulful tunes that evoke the imagery of a mysterious ceremony in a duke joint amidst a hazy Morricone landscape. With their debut EP 'The Venus Ballroom,' released on March 24th, DEAD CHIC showcases a tapestry of fervent and emotive tracks, highlighting their diverse talents and well-honed musicianship.

"You Got It," the opening track, invites listeners into DEAD CHIC's sonic universe, blending colossal minor chords and rhythmic piano that perfectly complements Félix's driven guitar tone. The song's narrative, conveyed through Balcon's impassioned lyrics, builds to an electrifying climax marked by a brass and electric guitar maelstrom, displaying the band's ability to elevate an already powerful chorus to new heights.

"The Belly of the Jungle" captures the raw energy of DEAD CHIC's live performances. It transports listeners to a chaotic carousel, propelled by the Farfisa organ's whirls and frenetic interludes. The chaotic interplay between Balcon's vocals, Akengin's ivory mastery, and Ferbus's percussive expertise create an immersive and intoxicating atmosphere that would delight even Bacchus himself.

In "Les Fleurs Séchées," DEAD CHIC demonstrates their versatility by seamlessly transitioning between English and French lyrics, set against programmed drum beats and discordant guitar riffs. The preservation of Damien's poetic sensibilities alongside Balcon's interpretation allows for a vivid portrayal of a visceral romance as if the listener traverses through a dark carnival procession.

"El Malecón," a musical parenthesis punctuating 'The Venus Ballroom,' highlights the band's prowess in crafting evocative soundscapes that captivate the imagination. This track serves as a bridge, guiding listeners through the expansive sonic terrain of the EP and preparing them for the concluding journey.

"Ballad of Another Man" delves into the complexities of a life well-lived with its percussive rhythm and evocative lyrics. The track features an intricate arrangement of Dick Dale-inspired guitar lines and iconic piano melodies that exude a nostalgic aura, inviting listeners to sway their hips to the rhythm. The song's heavy-hitting drums and elaborate instrumentation create a vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of a dimly lit bar, urging one not to forget their fedora upon departure.

The EP concludes with "Good God," a track that offers an emotive odyssey, from the intimacy of the opening chords to the exhilarating crescendo. Balcon's heartfelt vocals, combined with Akengin's brass arrangement, showcase the band's dynamic abilities. This song leaves a lasting impression on listeners, exemplifying the remarkable talent that has come to define DEAD CHIC.

'The Venus Ballroom' is a remarkable debut EP demonstrating DEAD CHIC's eclectic sound, rich songwriting, and refined production. As the band embarks on their international tour in 2023, this impressive body of work will captivate audiences and establish DEAD CHIC as a formidable presence in Rock and Roll.

Welcome to BuzzMusic DEAD CHIC; cheers to your latest release, 'The Venus Ballroom' The title "The Venus Ballroom" evokes a sense of mystique and allure. Can you share with us the inspiration behind the album title and how it ties into the overarching theme of the EP? The Venus Ballroom references a theatre in which I stayed following the pandemic. As Damien and I worked remotely in the first instance, the theatre hosted several ideas and experiences realized and referenced in the tracks. The theatre was decadent, though time had tarnished its prestige. From my side, it transcended the writing process. With "The Venus Ballroom" being your debut EP, how did you ensure that the title and the music within accurately represented the unique sound and style of DEAD CHIC as a band? It’s always fun to try and determine what you are on the starting blocks. The sound and way we play are inevitable with all four musicians in the room. We all have our chops and bring our personalities into the room. Each track on 'The Venus Ballroom' showcases a distinct facet of your musical prowess. How did the album title influence each song's creative process and songwriting, and did it help maintain a cohesive narrative throughout the EP? There was a narrative to which we would always come back, mainly through visual references. This way, we could rely merely on one’s own interpretation and pass through their personal experience to guide the song. We fell back on the album title as we reflected on what it was we had put together. Can you elaborate on the symbolism and significance of the imagery associated with 'The Venus Ballroom' album artwork and how it connects to the themes and emotions in your music? It was important to capture an image of the theatre in its abandoned state. It was a job to try and light it up fully, as many of the bulbs had blown out. The shoot was very impromptu and done in the silence of the morning, but the results aligned with how we felt about the record, and finally, it stands as a visual reference to that time. As you look towards the future of DEAD CHIC, how do you envision 'The Venus Ballroom' shaping your artistic trajectory, and what role will this debut EP play in the evolution of your sound and the projects you plan to undertake next? As it’s the beginning of our journey, I think this Ep will be a landmark in our story. We are working on new material already and have a strong foundation to build upon. Stay tuned.

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