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Dead Ringer For Katherine On How Love Can Be, “Starcrossed”

Dead Ringer For Katherine consists of the duo Jon Flynn and Jake Smith, growing up in the Chicago suburbs, the friends played in the same bands and toured together, solidifying their strong musical connection. Working remotely from Oakland (Jon) and Nashville (Jake) the duo wrote and recorded what they describe as "A rock opera based on The Vampire Diaries" earlier this year. Death Ringer For Katherine offers us a timeless track, so let's get ready to be "Starcrossed." As we are introduced to this record it brings us serious, yet astounding rock elements as it starts off with the instrumental boldly placed as we begin to hear the vocals seep through the soundscape. Death Ringer For Katherine talks about how he never felt this way about any woman and how starstruck he is to see someone that actually cares for him. Throughout "Starcrossed," Death Ringer For Katherine sings with so much sentiment and passion that we can't resist singing along and adding it to our favorites list.

The intensity of the beat is apparent during "Starcrossed" while they talk about their feelings toward their significant other in lyrics like "Now I wish I could take it back, the first time I saw her, I should have looked the other way or maybe I shouldn't have looked at her at all." We find the curated story so beautiful that he still loves her despite his personal feelings.

Death Ringer For Katherine correlates their art so well as they combine the perfect rock-type beat to lyrics with meaning and feeling, and "Starcrossed" is a shining example of their craft.

Listen to Death Ringer For Katherine's "Starcrossed" today, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dead Ringer For Katherine! We couldn't help but notice the impeccable writing and beat selection. Who's in charge of what area when it comes to creating records?

Jake played all the drum parts & beats from Nashville, I (Jon) did the guitars, bass, and vocals/lyrics.

"Starcrossed" is well put together and is relatable to most of us. What's the message you're delivering to listeners?

It's about forbidden love, a brother is in love with his brother's girl, and no matter how real the desire it can never be. What do you think inspires both of you the most to create records like "Starcrossed"? What was the creative process behind it?

This is a real angsty track that tells the tale of a love triangle. We wanted the aggression and frustration of the main character to come through in the music. As a duo what advice would you give a younger duo starting out in the industry that wants to make their mark like Dead Ringer For Katherine has?

Play as many shows as possible. Networking with other bands and fans in person is still the best way to grow.

What's next for you?

Once we finish the DRFK tour there are ideas for a follow-up album.

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