Deadhawk FM's New Single "Less to Say" Is a Powerful Tune We All Need to Hear

Rock band Deadhawk FM hails from Toronto, Canada, where they flourish their Alternative/Rock sound. The band consists of Shawn Hawley (guitar) and Jay Godin(bass), along with drummer Carmine Mallia and singer Stephan LaCasse. Collectively, they offer various components that intensify and maintain the integrity of Deadhawk FM. Always bringing a heavy presence, Deadhawk FM releases the powerful single "Less to Say".

"Less to Say" embodies a high-energy, extremely intensified Alt/Rock single expressing sincere speculations. Deadhawk FM pursues a lively performance in each and every single they construct. We never feel that the production lacks with the band's releases, as it's always embedding those powerful and spirited elements every great Alt/Rock incorporates, with a slight blend of modern-punk components. Their sound in "Less to Say" is reminiscent of the early 00's music era, offering prime soundings you would've expected to see once the Alternative category became popular. In essence, Deadhawk FM and their track "Less to Say" is the exact kind of band you'd want to have on a playlist requiring rejuvenation and energy. The bandmates never lack on delivering a vigorous performance, and so we're excited to see what the band unleashes music-wise in the months to come.

Discover Deadhawk FM and "Less to Say" here.

Hey Deadhawk FM, Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're excited to be featuring your single “Less To Say”. Could you tell us what the process was like coming up with the song?

Thank you! Happy to be included! "Less to Say" is a song inspired by the idea that as we grow and experience more and more challenges and triumphs in life, that old judgments, missteps, and opinions become trivial. The past serves to remind us that here in the present, we are all striving towards fulfillment in one way or another and that when the sun rises, we can have a blank slate if we let go of old conflict and baggage. Lyrically, the song is a collaboration between the singer, Stephan, and the bass player, Jay. Both had melodies and verses prepared and built from there. The chorus and bridge actually came months later while preparing for the '331' sessions.

How do you think “331” compares to the new EP that is scheduled to be released this spring?

The style will stay in our wheelhouse of melodic heavy rock with pop-punk and alternative influences, with some exciting surprises thrown in. The focus for us is always on rad melodies, cool harmonies, sharp lyrics, heavy guitars and energetic drums. The goal of the new EP will be to go for a natural, live sound that reflects our stage show.

What was it like working with Sam Guaiana, and how would you say it impacted your music?

Sam is a living legend in our neck of the woods (Toronto), and genre. We have released 9 songs that we recorded with Sam over the past couple of years. He really creates a comfortable and creative atmosphere and brings out the best in our songs and performances. He definitely helped tighten up our arrangements and his mixes always come out slick and heavy. We share a lot of similar influences and so he really brings out the best in us.

What are some of the things on the bucket list for the band? Is there anything that you guys are striving to do?

The best part of what we do is collaborating with other artists. Whether it's working with a great producer, talented illustrator, video director, other bands, or promoters; the community that we are a part of is what makes the effort worthwhile. At this point, we're going to keep creating and sharing and trying to get better every day, in every way!

What can we expect to see from Deadhawk FM throughout 2020?

There are really three things we focus on: Making new rad songs, making energetic music videos and, of course, always trying to make a better live show. We'll definitely be doing all three in 2020. Once the new EP is out, we'll be getting into music video mode. One thing that has been really great to see has been the independent live music community in Canada is starting to pick up steam again, in a "scene" sense. The scene only works if bands support each other first. Now the venues are filling up with a new generation of rock, punk and metal fans, and that is really the goal.