Deadstar Shines Bright on Latest EP 'Do It All'

Coming to us from Houston, Texas, Deadstar is bringing us his latest EP release 'Do It All.' Driven by his fierce passion for music, Deadstar creates intense motivation material that he hopes inspire his listeners to change their lives and never give up on their dreams. Deadstar infuses his own perspectives into his music, not shying away from sharing stories about finding love, being at peace with the world, and working hard to realize his musical aspirations. Drawing inspiration from artists like XXXTENTACION, Lil Uzi, Juice Wrld, and Travis Scott, Deadstar centers his music around a set of powerful idealisms, that regardless of how overwhelming life can get, you should never be afraid to let your light shine the brightest.

'Do It All' is comprised of five heavily charged and captivating hip-hop deliveries. Starting off the composition is the titled track "Do It All." Aura's of synthesized keys welcomes you into the track as Deadstar's voice calls you inwards. An explosive ticking percussion, accompanied with a grinding 808 beat propels the song as Deadstar unleashes his assured rhymes with a "chopper" capability. He balances these charged deliveries with a melodic calming assertion between verses. Right out of the gate, we are introduced to Deadstar persevering messages and climbing aspirations. His next song, appropriately titled "2," continues to put forth his fast rhythmic flow and infectious call-out harmonies. The lyrics highlight Deadstar's never-ending quest to deliver powerful material, lyrics like: "You gotta work till your on a stretcher, or someone else will do it better," exemplifies Deadstar's overdriving work ethic. "2" is coupled with Deadstar's catching rhymes and a funky, trickle like percussion that gives the track a truly unique vibe.

We are ushered into the next song "Fast" with a royal trumpet fair of sounds. The heavy 808 beat explodes on the track as Deadstar spouts his self assured versus. We love the confident stance Deadstar takes on "Fast." Yes, life goes by in a "Flash," but his careful attention to detail to his craft is like he's moving through it in slow-mo, never skipping a beat or missing any minute detail. Deadstar slows it down a bit on his next hit, "Outside." We can't help but relate "Outside" to our current state of isolation. His lyrics bleed together to create a feeling of being "dragged along, " as we all seem to be doing these days. His rhymes are engaging and relatable, "we can't go outside no more, I can't tell the time no more," "I've been in my mind, oh Lord," "tell me how to balance it," are excerpts that perfectly encapsulate what we have all been enduring through the COVID 19 lockdown. The slowed-down tempo and low grinding beat offer a mood-inducing quality and Deadstar's honest depiction of lyrics.

Closing out 'Do It All' is a song called "No Choice." We think Deadstar saved the heaviest pounding beat for last, and we are glad he did because it leaves a lasting impression on the listener. Deadstar delivers his rhymes through a melodic presentation of raps; his voice is the melody set alongside the beat on "No Choice." Here we see Deadstar's dreams of living large, and the stance he has taken on "No Choice" leaves nothing more to debate on the matter.

'Do It All' really does deliver on everything Deadstar said he is going to do. His creations are packed full of his hard-working persona and gives no apologies for pursuing his dreams. Deadstar's ability to connect with the listener through relatable and empowering material makes 'Do It All' a captivating and unforgettable listening experience.

Discover Deadstar today and listen to his latest EP 'Do It All' here

Hello Deadstar and welcome to BuzzMusic. Congratulations on your latest EP release 'Do It All.' Can you start by telling our listeners the idea behind this collection of songs? The idea behind the five-track EP is to give my fans a taste of how I’m evolving as an artist and what is to come in the future. Setting the tone with higher energy tracks to propel us straight into summer 2020, and even though the world is all over the place at the moment I felt it was needed to bring some fun back into life.  On the track "Outside" we thought you were able to really pair a mood to the track. What does the creative process look like for you? The creative process for me is sitting down by myself, and bringing my emotions into the studio. I really just try to tap into the energies all around me and just let the songs write themselves.  

Every element of your music exhibits your fine attention to detail. How has your music evolved from where you first started? Well, I first started making music as a 16-year-old in high school. Teaching myself the whole process from self-recording to producing I’ve learned a lot along the way. My music now compared to back then is night and day, and I’m always learning new things.  Why is it important to portray your aspirations and goals into your music? By doing so what do you hope your music does for your listeners?  I think it’s important to put what you want out into the universe. I believe that what you manifest will come and I truly want my listeners to know that and know that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. What's next for you? Next for me, I would say is getting professional-quality visuals up on YouTube, and preparing a full marketing push. Really what’s next is letting the world know who Deadstar really is.