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Death By Piano Asks Many Lingering Questions in, "Do I?"

From Brooklyn, New York, the electronic audio/visual experience Death By Piano takes listeners through the trials and tribulations of a broken relationship with their emotional single, "Do I?"

Led by singer-songwriter and keyboardist KALEN, Death By Piano often collaborates with Brooklyn's top producers like No Surrender, Abe Seiferth, Greywolf, Tom Marsh, and Eric Zeiler. Known for their dynamic sound that transitions between darkwave and shoegaze, Death By Piano is often sonically compared to the likes of The XX, Portishead, and Cigarettes After Sex.

Highlighting their soul-stirring single, "Do I?" off their latest 6-track EP, 'Hellish,' KALEN and Greywolf bring listeners deep into the dark thoughts and emotions that lay within a troubled relationship. While KALEN serenades us with her angelic and airy vocals, Greywolf keeps the song's emotion alive with his intense vocals and eerie production.

Hitting play on "Do I?" the song opens with a gentle keyboard melody and KALEN's soft vocal appearance. As a reverbed and lush electric guitar sprinkles through our speakers, a tight array of hip-hop drum breaks slowly pierce us with a sense of reflection and introspection. As KALEN leads us to the hook, she belts the many questions and thoughts that linger in her mind while transitioning into Greywolf's soft and gentle delivery.

As Greywolf offers a deeply mysterious and emotionally intense vocal performance, the song transitions back into the sparkling hook where KALEN belts her breathy vocals and asks those lingering questions that boggle her mind. We adore the collaboration between Greywolf and KALEN, as their vocals are more than complementary and equally enhanced by the song's dark and cinematic production.

Dive into the depths of tragic love with Death By Piano's recent hit, "Do I?" and find their 6-track EP, 'Hellish,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Death By Piano, and congratulations on releasing your recent 6-track EP, 'Hellish.' What inspired you to create this dark and emotional project?

The state of the world. The state of ourselves.

When did you create the single "Do I?" along the road of your entire EP? Was "Do I?" one of the first songs you made for the EP?

The sketch to Do I? came early - the final product much later. There were the bones for a real pop song chorus, but it took finessing to make it so.

How does "Do I?" fit into and enhance the entire EP, 'Hellish?' What role does this single play in the project's theme and concept?

It's about asking oneself if you're ready to make a big change. Change has always been at the core of DBP's lyrics.

We've heard that there's a forthcoming music video for your single, "Do I?" How does the music video enhance the song's lyrical theme?

It takes the question of change, of ultimatums, of growth outside of the realm of a romantic relationship and begs an examination of change at a more societal level.

What's next for you?

Lots of new music with new and old collaborators.

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