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Death Party Playground Bites The Heart In “Summer Fang”

Waterloo, Ontario-based rock band and aspiring Die Hard extras Death Party Playground showers us with a hypotonic pop confessional in their newest single, "Summer Fang."

The Waterloo-hailing rock band, fronted by singer-songwriter Kyle Taylor, specializes in colorful harmonies and compelling lyrics that make you think twice. Aside from their music careers, the band is a self-proclaimed group of hellion velvet ravens influenced by a rising 1988 Bruce Willis and the innocent contractors who lost their lives working on the Deathstar.

The avid Habs fans just pumped out what might be their most thoughtful and introspective single to date, the lush and cinematic new tune entitled "Summer Fang." It's an infectiously catchy pop song riddled with emotional piano melodies, hypnotic horns, and beaming guitars that snap at the heart like a "Summer Fang."

Diving deeper into the new single, the experience opens with Taylor's melodic vocals alongside tender piano melodies and soothing acoustic guitar strumming. While he expands on luck running dry and things not going your way, Taylor emphasizes those painful moments while questioning if those moments are the cause of our sleepless nights.

This song is incredibly introspective, and Taylor's lyrics truly tug on the heartstrings with such relatable lyrics that feel like a sonic therapy session. Death Party Playground's chilling pop-rock instrumentals slowly expand near the outro with this cinematic and passionate flair to end the song with heaps of authentic and vulnerable emotion.

Allow Death Party Playground to sing your woes away in their newest reflective single, "Summer Fang," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DeathPartyPlayground. We admire the thoughtful and relatable lyrical content within your emotional new single, "Summer Fang." What inspired your group to create this honest piece?

Thank you! There wasn't anything special going on when I wrote it. It was an unassuming late night. I found some chords and went with them until the structure was there. Pulled that one out of the mysterious ether, I guess!

What made your group want to dive into cinematic pop-rock for "Summer Fang?" Did you step out of your comfort zone when creating these instrumentals?

When I wrote Summer Fang, I imagined the layering to be just guitars, with a shoe-gaze production like how Slowdive would do it. I started playing it on piano for the fun of it and felt I caught a good feel that way, so I just ran with it. I've written a bunch of stuff over the years with lots of orchestral layering, but I haven't put any of it out. I always felt I couldn't do that kind of thing well live. It was an exciting change to put some of that experience into Summer Fang. I should do more of it.

What did you want to get across to listeners with your thoughtful lyrical content in "Summer Fang?" What did you want them to think or realize?

I think when I was writing the lyrics, a few lines in it became clear it was about a depressed person. That's something I can relate to. I was actively trying to avoid writing in any platitudes or hollow promises and didn't want to provide any answers either. It's just an honest take on what it's like to feel like that. Hopefully, it evokes some understanding. It is part of the human condition, after all.

How does "Summer Fang" stand out or differ from the rest of your discography? What makes this song different?

The accompaniments for Summer Fang were all worked out in the studio, and I played most of the parts. Until Summer Fang, the songs were heavily rehearsed before we started recording. Joe (Shugan) and I worked a lot of the parts out together on this one. It's also more of a ballad than anything I've released before. I shot and edited the music video myself using just my phone. A lot of the footage I captured at the Rose Garden in Berkeley. A lot of new stuff this time around!

What's next for you?

I'm in Montreal for almost the rest of the year. I have some more studio work to do and some live videos from last year I'd like to finish up. There's a pretty great donut shop by our place, and the Habs are better than expected this year. Going to finish the year in Portugal. I'll be ready for 2023!


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