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Death Party Playground Will Lift Your Spirit Up With New LP "Little Joy"

Ontario, CA Indie band Death Party Playground are smashing through the music scene with their notable electric melodies! The band's goal is to spread a sense of positivity and spunk into their listener's lives, especially during times of hardship. The band's intentions are pure, and their sound even purer. We're excited to introduce their most recently released LP titled "Little Joy". The track features a prominent theme of content and elation, which can easily bring a sense of jubilation into any listener's day (including ourselves).


Death Party Playground begins their LP with the track "Love & Fidelity", a robust and energetic instrumental performance. This is what will jumpstart that feel-good, spirited atmosphere. One element to "Love & Fidelity" that we really enjoyed was how this lively energy was maintained authentically throughout the entire track. Once Death Party Playground introduces the vocals in this song you can easily hear and feel the complementary blend of harmonies. They sing with a sense of stamina that is both heart-warming and feels incredibly rejuvenating. It's hard to imagine not gaining any sort of vitality through "Love & Fidelity", especially considering how real the vigor is experienced. Death Party Playground is spreading its indie craft in such an aspiring way, and "Little Joy" is the type of LP that can effortlessly display this. 

Listen to Death Party Playground and their new LP "Little Joy" here.


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