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DEBUT RELEASE: Stay Pure Is Giving A Huge Vibe With Track “Party"

From Toronto, Canada, Stay Pure is debuting his first rap track, and we’re all for the this new and raw talent. Stay Pure is giving us a hype atmosphere with his recent music—Stay Pure has such an undeniable lyrical ability, maintaining that crucial element to the rap music scene. His verses hold an attentive and stimulating component that is hard to obtain naturally as a rap artist these days. Lots of rap music today can be filled with tracks that are trying to fabricate the very fundamental aspect of Stay Pure’s song. Stay Pure even has it in his name—his music is pure and authentic. Being new in the music scene, you never would’ve guessed Stay Pure released his debut track. His music is crafted with expertise, and we can’t wait to show the BuzzMusic community the type of music Stay Pure is all about. 

Stay Pure starts off his track “Party" with a capturing and alluring beat—giving us some heavy LA vibes. Cruising down the coast line, this is the song to be listening to for sure. “Party” is beyond catchy, the type of rap single you want on your summer playlist right away (we’ve already added it to ours). Stay Pure brings a light-hearted and fun aura to his track with his range of vocalism throughout, he really delivers in a dynamically chilled way. The certain type of appeal Stay Pure relinquishes in his tracks is honestly addicting—we listened to one of his tracks, and immediately added his other tracks to our private playlists. We love the confidence “Party” provides to the listener, and the type of creativity you feel when being immersed in the track. We feel like anything is possible, and those are the best rap tracks—the ones that make you feel like you’re on top of the world itself. 

Stay on top of the world with us and listen to “Party” here. Continue reading for Stay Pure’s interview with BuzzMusic. 

Hey Stay Pure! Please give our readers a sense of who you are as an artist!

I've always had a passion for making music. I always wanted to express my ideas and my thoughts to people to get them to think differently, and relate to my music. I want to open people's minds and help them understand truly what you can get in life. 

What verses in "Party" would you say is the most impactful for the meaning of the track?

The most impactful verses in Party would definitely have to be the first verse and the second bridge. The song is not just about being off drugs in the party, it has a deeper meaning to it. It's more about my mindset of the world we are in. The first verse explains that people will change on you depending on how they feel and drugs and money never will. A lot of people always want to escape the way they feel by using drugs, spending money or even using people, the second bridge of the song explains that. From my experience, nothing is forever. People die, relationships die and money is the closest thing that can stay with you all your life. 

How does it feel debuting your first track? Have you learned any important lessons while curating this first track of yours?

It feels amazing! all the love and support I've received from this song is unbelievable. I learned that believing in yourself and stayingfocused are very important for executing your dreams into reality.

Where would be your dream venue to preform at? 

 My dream venue I would want to preform at would be the at Grammy Awards or at Coachella.

Now that you have your first single released, can we expect to see more tracks to come?

Of course, I got a lot of unreleased music that will be coming out for 2019. 


Discover more on Stay Pure via the artists socials:

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