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Debuting a Record Rich in Post-Punk Vibes, The Rhythm Bullies Have Listeners Fully Engaged

Nashville-based and led by singer and guitarist Sebastian Mogan who is profoundly hearing and vision impaired, the Rhythm Bullies take the best parts of Rock N Roll and fuse them with synthesizers, world, and symphonic music.

Portraying a colossal universe of heavy-hitting energy, the Rhythm Bullies come in hot with their debut single “Dysnomia.” Collaborating with the talents of Grammy-nominated engineer Bobby Holland who tackled the brilliant production elements, the enticing soundscape that is rich in electric synths, zesty guitar riffs, and impactful percussion sits with the charismatic vocals centered in the mix for an all-out Post-Punk inspired record.

Taking cues from the early 80’s Goth era as well, listeners can find themselves copiously riveted in the authoritative atmosphere that hones in on ethereal-like glimmers from the opera reminiscent harmonies introduced halfway through the composition. With the song being written during the events of 2020, the lyrical motif that commences this eclectic offering of energy is, “Hell is empty. Look around you;” depicting the chaos packed into the modern times of today.

For a debut single, “Dysnomia,” pays homage to numerous influences weaved throughout the eras before the Rhythm Bullies were established. Commending them on an exceptional job of amplifying the sound waves in a manner that has us eagerly wanting more, the Rhythm Bullies has us fully wrapped around their finger as we embark on their musical journey for the long haul.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, the Rhythm Bullies. We love your debut single “Dysnomia.” Congratulations on the release! With the song receiving such success in the short period of time it has been out, how does it feel to have this track being reciprocated so well? Did you expect these results prior to the release?

I've been thrilled with the response to Dysnomia! I never know what to expect when releasing something new. This is the first time I have heard one of my songs on the radio, so that has been super exciting.

What was it like working with Grammy-nominated engineer Bobby Holland in order to produce such a great-sounding track?

Bobby's a good friend of mine and I knew we would make something amazing together. We like a lot of the same bands, so he knew what I was going for. He has a lot of great ideas and can get things done quickly. It's definitely the best-sounding stuff I have ever recorded.

Being written in 2020, what moment or story inspired the meaning behind “Dysnomia?"

It is based on the Greek story of Dysnomia. The word translates to "lawless." It is also a moon, which is why there is a space and celestial-inspired aspect to the song. Dysnomia is actually a re-working of an older song of mine that I changed to fit the events of last year.

You really set the bar high with “Dysnomia.” What do listeners have in store with future releases?

The Dysnomia EP will be released in May. It has a sister track called "Escape from Dysnomia" which is an instrumental that mixes synthesizers and organic orchestral instruments. Another song has a gypsy/reggae vibe and features Jeff Coffin (from Dave Matthews Band) on Turkish pipe.

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