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December Fades is Stepping Out of His Comfort Zone in Releasing New Music

December Fades is a Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist. Making a name for himself with a diverse fanbase for his inspirational, cathartic, and universal-friendly sound, his creativity can shine through within every piece of his music, creating a deep connection for listeners.

As a songwriter, December Fades tends to write songs about love and heart, but in his latest release, "Say Their Names", he has stepped outside of his creative comfort zone to deliver a track on a heavy topic.

In this single December Fades pays tribute to the Black Lives we've tragically lost with his compelling and powerful track. The heart-tugging lyrics of this single expose nothing but the truth while the track sonically explored depths of dark Pop music.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, December Fades explains that 2020 has given him the chance to slow down, reflect, and re-evaluate. 2020 has given him the time and the courage to finish and release new music.

Learn more about December Fades and his music, here.

Photo by: Justin Higuchi


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