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Dedication Is the Name Of The Game For Vee-Lo

From Blythe to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and r&b/hip-hop recording artist Vee-Lo is no stranger to the music scene.

He often pays tribute to the land that raised him and blessed him with the inspiration to tackle a music career, as seen in singles like his recent "I Got Love For Cali."

Starting his musical journey at the age of 14, Vee-Lo later quit to focus on sports but still kept singing at home and church. After playing sports throughout high school and a small stint of college basketball, Vee-Lo then reintroduced himself to music creation after moving to Los Angeles.

In 2017, Vee-Lo started recording music and reviving some of his past SoundCloud works to re-release them with a contemporary spin. One year later, he teamed up with friend and producer Taz Benny for songs like "Sunny California" and "Pinocchio."

After releasing "New Name," Vee-Lo quickly made waves. He's brought his engaging performance stylings out to Atlanta, where he earned a variety of new listeners and branched out to work with like-minded artists.

Today, Vee-Lo makes it clear that the end is nowhere in sight. He's ensuring that statement remains true with stellar releases, especially his latest homage to his stomping grounds, "I Got Love For Cali."

Find Vee-Lo's adventurous discography on all digital streaming platforms, and check out his new music video for "I Got Love For Cali" on YouTube.


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