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Deenyo Drops Much Anticipated EP “Reverse Archaeologist”

Talented rapper and lyricist Deenyo is back again with his explosive new EP “Reverse Archaeologist”. Making waves out of Baltimore, Deenyo’s latest release is extremely lyrical and personal. The “Reverse Archaeologist” concept is inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s song “The Cool”. In the song Lupe says, “Working like a, hmm, Reverse Archaeologist, except his buried treasure was sunshine”. Deenyo has always appreciated the vivid imagery in that lyric. As a whole, he tells a collective of stories on this project. Each track is immensely diverse and unique, the album can easily be played on repeat to understand every layer, symbolism, and the overall wordplay. 

“Open Letter” is a meaningful beginning to a powerful EP. The track is a poem that Deenyo turned into a song. The poem titled “Like a blind man, Like a deaf man”, is a blind man lecturing a man about things in life that are important that aren’t visual and a deaf man lecturing about the importance of things that cannot be heard. Through the song you realize it's the man’s inner thoughts speaking to himself. It’s a clean track with crisp lyricism and flow and starts off “Reverse Archaeologist” to an incredible start. “Sunlight” is the next track on the EP is the true ode to Lupe’s track “The Cool”. The first song Deenyo wrote for this project, “Sunlight” is all about love, heartbreak, and the struggles in between. It sheds light on the pain we deal with when love has been lost. Using the concept of being buried beneath the surface, the reverse archaeologist in the story attempts to dig himself out of the ground to reunite with his love, his “Sunlight”. Groundbreaking and meaningful, Deenyo puts his artistic poetry over a contemporary beat and stuns in “Sunlight”. 

“Time Travel” is about a heartbroken time traveller trying to go back in time and repair the love he’s lost. After failing every time, he realizes that he can’t change things, but he can enjoy the time he has and the memories shared. JAY FRE$CO is featured on this song and absolutely kills it as usual. Producer DeCicco Beats created the melodic beat that we’re bumping on repeat. Keeping up with the theme of love trials and tribulations “Moonlight” is all about a girl who’s present in the night like the moon, but always leaves in the morning. The track is about a relationship based off of time and convenience. The moon shines her love and light over the man's world, but leaves every morning. Deenyo states in his opinion this is the most complete song on the EP. 

“Tired” is all about a man losing an important love in his life. He’s able to learn and grow from the experience but he struggles with being able to fully move on. The effort from sustaining this mentality has made the man mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. This track resonates with me on so many levels. Everyone has dealt with the stress on their heart when trying to move on after a heartbreak. “Memory Lane” is an extremely retrospective track, it weaves through storytelling elements as Deenyo talks about vivid memories, mistakes and lessons. He digs up buried feelings and has a very emotional discussion with himself about why things didn’t work out, him holding himself back, but also realizing that the future is optimistic. 

Overall “Reverse Archaeologist” is heavily lyrical and emotionally-rich, Deenyo has truly outdone himself with his versatility and creativity. The emotion, soul and heart that is evident throughout the EP is overwhelming. This project will bring comfort to so many listeners through it’s honesty and relatability. Deenyo is most definitely the one to watch through 2019! 

I highly recommend you check out “Reverse Archaeologist” here and read more with Deenyo below in our exclusive interview! 

Hey Deenyo, welcome back! Congratulations on the release of “Reverse Archaeologist”! What is the overall message or theme you want your listeners to take away from this project?

I want listeners to know that this project is a journey. The main character in the music strives for growth and love. His battles are intrinsic and he has to learn to deal with his emotions & grief in order to be successful.

Which track on the EP is closest to your heart?

This is a tough choice honestly. But if i had to choose one, it would be “Sunlight”. I was going through a very tough time when I wrote it and each line brings back those emotions I was dealing with at the time.

What emotions did you channel when writing “Memory Lane”?

Uncertainty, regret, anger, and fatigue were all emotions I felt when I wrote “Memory Lane”. I also felt opportunistic.

We love that you did another collaboration with JAY FRE$CO! Is this something we can expect again in the future?

Absolutely. Not only is he my favorite artist, he’s one of my close friends. We want to put out a joint project in the future. That’s definitely what I’m aiming at releasing next.

How do you think living in Baltimore affects who you are as an artist?

The people closest to me all live in the Baltimore area. They embrace my creativity, my vision, and support my music overall. They encourage me to keep releasing new music. My experiences in this city have helped me become the man I am today, the good & the bad. I owe the majority of my musical success to this city, Wright Way Studios, and my family & friends.


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