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Deepin Pradeep Creates Atmospheric Aura Latest Release, "Streetlights"

Irish-based singer/songwriter Deepin Pradeep prefers to lock and load his heavy, impressionable sound with even more inspiring instrumentals. With a bold and rich approach to his sound, Deepin Pradeep crafts songs with modern yet potent alternative flairs. His latest offering, "Streetlights," zooms into this very distinguishable characteristic of his music.

Deepin Pradeep has released his electronic, rock, and indie-inspired tune, "Streetlights." The strategic combination of all three genres creates an insanely attractive, alternative ambiance. Backed by a more easygoing and chilled production, "Streetlights" hosts a deep melody that solidifies the ominous tone of the song.

Deepin Pradeep enjoys embedding thought-provoking stories into his tracks, with "Streetlights" being all the same. Please keep a close ear on the lyrics he delivers, as there's a ton of content to focus on and apply to your mindset. Overall, the hybrid sound offered in "Streetlights" is what allowed Deepin Pradeep's track to separate itself from the current trend. Deepin Pradeep quickly reaches listening minds and hearts with "Streetlights."

"Streetlights" is now available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Deepin Pradeep. How does it feel to have "Streetlights" finally released to your listening base?

It took merely a few weeks in the studio with With my featuring artist Flash Kelly. It took a day to jam out the idea for the song and once we recorded it we knew exactly where we were heading. The direction of the song was so clear for us. A bulk of our inspirations come from the type of music we've previously written. I’m more into heavy alternative sound with heavy sounds blended with melodic riffs whereas Flash Kelly purely came from singer-songwriter gashing with bold lyrics. Two and two put together it helped create a gem of a song for us!

How long did it take for "Streetlights" to fully come to fruition for you? Where did you extract the bulk of your inspiration for this song?

We both have our meaning to the song just like our audience/fans can write out their own meaning to it.

What kind of narrative would you say was pushed with the content covered in "Streetlights?" Was there a certain mindset and/or understanding you were hoping your audience would latch onto?

For me, it was a very special cause. Growing up in the Middle East every streetlight in every district was unique, you’d know there exactly where the levee saw them. So using streetlights as a metaphor for when you’re astray in life and you’re lost, streetlights could be a friend, a memory that reminds you that you’re not lost but instead you’re really close to home. The song was written during the pandemic where many people lost their way, their mental health, and going astray from what they do and love, we hope this song helps remind you of what you’ve lost, and it’s not too late to get back to. How do you continue to ensure that you're growing as an artist? How do you feel you've grown with your release of "Streetlights," in comparison to other music releases from you?

The more I make music, the more I find MY sound! And with the past few releases, I’ve acquired it and slowly improving in it! "Streetlights" is a song that has a blend of different styles and I’m a huge fan of blending genres and trying something entirely new!

What's next for you?

I’m working on more projects at the minute. My next release would be mid-October which isn’t very far off and I’m happy to say it’s quite my unique sound and I’m quite proud of myself the featuring artist to come up with a sound like that.

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