Deerfield Drive Uses "Hindsight," to Portray a Timeless Tale

Deerfield Drive is comprised of Justine Wenzel and Brandon Armes, cousins and now bandmates. Justine Wenzel was born and raised in the Rochester, NY area and in fact, grew up on the street for which the band is named, Deerfield Drive.

A singer since youth, she performed at church, with family, and with her brother Ben Armes who is another staple of the Rochester music scene with learning bands Like Vintage and Old Fame.

Brandon Armes grew up near the beach in Oxnard, CA, near Ventura, CA. He would visit Rochester through the years to spend time with his cousins Justine and Ben. Brandon came up in the local Metal and hardcore scene and rotated in and out of several bands throughout his youth.

With the two making up Deerfield Drive, their most recent single, "Hindsight," has them advancing in a unique route that differs from the musical creations they have been known for. "Hindsight" approaches an Electro, Indie-Pop atmosphere as the effervescent tones simmer heavily in a funk-fueled universe.

Transitioning between the entrancing slow-tempo chord progressions of the warm acoustic aspects, we're slowly transported into a danceable vibrancy that has us out of our seats while adapting to the lyrical feast that is delivered in the songwriting techniques disbursed.

The welcoming timbres overflow from Justine Wenzel's vocalization has us lifted and intrigued by each word she displays. Brandon Armes's lyrical content embodies the precise formula of time and spatial ratios that create this larger-than-life ambiance as Justine Wenzel sheds a dynamic range of melodies that easily rest in your soul and mind.

Deerfield Drive conveys a well-rounded offering of artistic talents and versatility as the dynamism oozing from the duo have you gushing over their creative genius, drowning the canvas of your thoughts. Creating timeless bodies of work that launch the broadcast of heightened senses, "Hindsight" has us absorbed by the new-fangled sound that Deerfield Drive is exploring in their sonic expeditions.

What prompted you to explore this series of new sounds in the music that you create?

We were really inspired by upbeat musical elements. We wanted it to stand out, to call out, and speak to what everyone is processing now during the global pandemic but in an uplifting way with a "let it all go" kind of energy.

What does this song mean to the two of you as a collective?

We wanted it to cultivate more positivity, and for listeners to focus on where we have the potential to go amid a pandemic. For us, it was based on personal experiences really struggling with the solitude, loneliness, anxiety, and the distance that we were all suddenly thrust into.

Could you please take us into the creative process that you embarked on when bringing this song to life?

Our songwriting process we feel is where the magic is. Brandon has a musical vision and Justine brings it to life with lyrics and melody. Combined, magic ensues quickly with entire songs taking shape within just a couple of hours. We are adding all the elements that make it unique, we share what we are hearing in our heads and are totally open to trying new things and being bold in the discovery of that “IT” factor.

How does “Hindsight,” hold up to a previously released song in your music catalog?

Hindsight is so different from anything we have done yet. It has a pop feel and is heavy on the electronic sounds, with a lightness to it. The lyrics though are deep and relatable. Previous releases finally came home and up to something were much more contemplative and then laid back and fun respectively. Hindsight is decidedly full of energy and meant to stay in your head all day putting a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

What has been keeping you inspired to create music?

We are inspired by the vulnerability in human beings, experiencing the full range of emotions and using music as a powerful area to channel the anxious energy we both have. We have been so inspired by our past experiences and choose to graciously work through them publicly with the release of our songs. We are excited to see what comes next.