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Deku Is Back With A Smooth Brand New Single, “Purity”

Deku is an American singer/songwriter and record producer hailing from Los Angeles. As a songwriter, he has written for many artists all over the world, further expanding his musical ability. His background in production and engineering have provided him with a plethora of weapons to use in his artistry and beyond. His brand new single “Purity” is out now and available on all major streaming platforms!

While from the outside there’s a contemporary RnB presentation to “Purity”, there’s more than a little about the song that paints Deku under an original and authentic light. For one, the lyrics walk the line between personal and poetic well. Also, there’s a quickly likable and genuine tone to the vocal delivery, you can hear the subtle passion, the heart, and connection to the words, and this contrasts cleverly with the implied concept of the title. There’s a whole lot of emotion here, and this is what “Purity” is. Every aspect works hard to portray the weight of the sentiments of the song. Deku’s honesty, and his colorful, contrastingly optimistic soundscape here juxtapose one another in a wonderful way. This is an engaging and catchy tune, but with an undertone of melancholy and misunderstanding.

Listen to “Purity” by Deku here.



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