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Delve Into the Smooth Spirit of Jake Katzman's "Best Friend"

Jake Katzman is well-rounded and familiar with the entertainment industry. Having worked on soundtracks, films, TV, Broadway, commercials, voice-overs, video games, and modeling campaigns, the gifted singer-songwriter is also known as a musician/composer.

He performed on Broadway starring as Young Charlie in the Tony Award-winning show KINKY BOOTS directed by Jerry Mitchell. Working with various celebrities such as Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco, Billy Porter, Wayne Brady to name a few, the momentum that Jake Katzman has been continuing is monumental.

Taking in the vivacious sounds of his latest single, “Best Friend,” we pick up on a blend of soothing and adoring tones that sculpt this record. The sparse and luscious guitar strums in the instrumentation add an enticing captivation to the table before the drums kick in, and let the tempo rise to an inferno. Jake Katzman has a smooth pop style vocal range that glides across the instrumentation like butter.

Bringing an embodiment of vibrancy to listeners far and wide, we’re intrigued by the mature sounds that slip the speakers into a state of enchantment. It’s easy to get lost in repetitive lyrics that Jake Katzman performs with a longing sense of passion. Allowing the main focus to be placed on his emotion-fueled timbres, the flourishing incorporation of background harmonies has us able to shift our affixation with the lead vocals, in order to grasp onto the melodic essence of the dimensions surfacing through the layers composed.

Sometimes less is more, and Jake Katzman proves that with his fervent showcase of “Best Friend.” Addressing themes of love in the concept of the mix, this is a record that holds an intimate place in all of our hearts.

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