Delve Into Your Not So Average Love Song With Kardias Quing

Kardias Quing is redefining love songs through mindful lyrics and unique compositions transitioning from warm vocals to an eclectic mix of production.

Finding her roots through the acoustic guitar, she has expanded her sound and joy through the grooves of Indie R&B and Alternative Pop. Kardias Quing, meaning love and sovereignty, is a creative effort of remembrance through the music of the love, divinity, and infinity we hold. Submerging us in a soothing arrangement of resounded ethers and lush acoustic guitar strums, Kardias Quing remains superior with her most recent single “Worth It.”

Rhythmically relying on the sparse incorporation of mechanical percussion patterns, her captivating R&B style draws us towards the infectious energy she transfers through vocal cascades amalgamating with the tempo. There’s brilliance so refreshing about the effects that play into the mix that leave certain components lingering in the background all while Kardias Quing’s inimitable timbres cast out glorious croons of adoration in the foreground.

Bringing forth a myriad of illustrations that leave an imprint on our mind, the courageous efforts of vulnerability flourish in a manner that leaves us tapping into our own thoughts and emotions. Poignant with the lyrical motifs she reiterates, words like ‘But your patience with my storms, and how you love me through my wrongs. Oh, allowed me to believe,’ resonate with us on a personal level that exposes the grippingly raw side of love that triumphs through any doubts we may have once held.

Kardias Quing is astonishing at transcending our anticipations of poignant love ballads that tend to take a familiar format. Creating a sound that is uniquely present to the essence of her being, “Worth It” has us feeling all types of ways long after the song comes to an end.