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Delve Into Your Thoughts With Noontides', "Thinking Bout You"

Rachel and Jason Fort make up the husband and wife indie pop/rock duo, Noontides. Rachel loves crafting lyrics and earworm hooks, while Jason is constantly dancing to the beat in his head and coming up with fresh creative ideas.

Music has always been a major part of their lives and is what brought them together before they ever started dating. Currently residing in Nashville with their two children, Noontides combines both memorable lyrics with a beat that is sure to make you move as the melodies are destined to get stuck in your head.

The recently released power ballad that comes from Noontides leaves us fully enthralled with the brilliance that swirls in their musical virtuoso. “Thinking Bout You,” exudes a striking display of harmonies as both Jason and Rachel’s vocal performances accompany one another to deliver a proportionate balance emphasis where it’s needed.

The various melodies that are retained in this record have us invested in the depth traveled by not only the lyrical push and pull of it all, but the showering of elusive and prevalent instrumentation that takes us on a journey of its own.

Simmering between a spectrum of slow to mid-tempos before the bridge of “Thinking Bout You,” lifts us up to newfound heights before gently releasing us back into the world, Noontides leaves an emotion-evoking impact on us with lyrical motifs such as, ‘Everything’s out in the open. Finding what’s left unbroken. Living in the memories lately. I’m still waiting.

Having us submerged in the thoughts that unfold when thinking about that special someone in your life, there’s an illuminating display of intricacy that has gone into the overall structure of this record. If you’re looking to eloquently endure a realm that is filled to the brim with passion; look no further, Noontides have you covered.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Noontides, and congratulations on the release of “Thinking Bout You.” This piece radiates a sonic expedition to its fullest. What was the inspiration behind the creation of this song?

We wrote this song during the winter and darkest part of the pandemic and we weren’t able to spend the holidays with our family and loved ones. So that was the original inspiration but we also wanted to broaden the song to be about how we change and grow and yet still miss the way things use to be. That tension.

In your own words, what does “Thinking Bout You,” mean to both of you as individuals and as a collective? What are you hoping your audience takes away from the messaging?

Really great question! We were all experiencing the pandemic collectively at the same time, but we were also apart and had our own individual experiences. So there is a lot there. A lot of us have been separated from loved ones for a long time or maybe grieving the life we use to have but don’t anymore. So we wanted to embrace the tension of all of that. The feeling of being apart and missing what life was but also the hope of knowing we’re not alone.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

Jason got the first part of the chorus very quickly and held onto it for a month or so. We brought the idea to a zoom writing session with our friend Anna Volpe and that’s where we developed the full idea and finished the song over a few sessions. Our producer, Ryan Corn, brought it to life. We wanted to really draw out the emotion in production and have a huge release and even a lament, if you will, at the end of the song.

What is your mission statement? How do you allow that to shine through your music?

“Noontide” is the brightest part of the day. Our music is meant to bring hope and ease to life without ignoring its reality. We want people to know they aren’t alone and also have a song to bop to at the same time!


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