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Dembe' Releases "Holy Girl"

Born in Columbia, South Carolina and later raised in Charleston, Dembe’ (meaning

peace in African),has been making music since the third grade. He has released three tapes

with his latest called, “Wonderland”. Dembe’ has worked with many other artists and producers

such as Matt Tuton, and Lefrais to name two. Some artists that influence him are

J.Cole,2Pac,Kendrick Lamar, and Foster the People.

An electronic piano starts off the track as we continue to the verse. Dembe’s production

and lyrics are witty and explicit. “She says she’s Christian but she judge me”, gives the basis of

the song. “Holy Girl” which is the title of the song, is also the chorus which makes for somewhat

of a theme. Dembe' describes how these girls are saying they are holy and proper but in reality

they are not what they seem. Dembe’ is a real lyricist and knows how to keep his flow going to

make an impact. The production value of this track is very strategic in which it shows how in the

beginning it is this very sweet piano sound and by the end of the song it is like the piano has

broken just like the girls he has described. If you enjoy rap and hard beats this track will make it

on your playlist.

Listen to "Holy Girl" here, and learn more about Dembe' in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I go by Dembe’ and I’m from the westside of Charleston, SC. I’ve been making music with same few people since I was about 12. Me and my homeboy since second grade (Lefrais) started making music at 12 with his cousin (Nappy) and my younger brother (Dcmvp). I listen to every genre of music and all eras. Music is important to a lot of people. It saves lives, makes people happy, dance, party, chill, make dreams come true and more. I spent a lot of time and money on my craft and things about to start happening.

Why do you look up to J. Cole and in what ways does he influence you in your music?

J. Cole is unique and original. He does his own thing and tells his own stories. Seems like he’ll run out of ideas sooner or later but keeps coming up with hits, his creativity is wild. Cole is bringing rap/art back to hip hop and it’s much needed. He influences me with the knowledge he gives. 

What inspired you to write “Holy Girl”?

"Holy Girl" is based off true stories. I grew up going to church and it always helped me get through a lot. I met someone who was cool, but her family didn’t approve of us kicking it and they didn’t even know me. Just went off assumptions and things they heard. Long story short, I poured my crown and wrote it down. Her and a whole lot of other people ended up loving the track.

What should your fans look forward to with your new music?

I think my fans should look forward to some big things in the near future. Visuals, performances, music and most importantly a different sound. I feel like I’ve kept my own sound throughout all the “waves” and trends. I can only be me.

Why do you go by Dembe’ and what is its significance to you?

The name thing is new to people who’ve listened to since I started dropping music in middle/high school. I was always known as leanboy but I had to switch up once I stopped pouring heavy and sipping on it. Dembe’ came from my first rap name from middle school “Deezle D.” The D stood for Dembe’. I put my government name in a African name translator online and the name came back as Dembebushiki or something long and crazy, so I just went with the first part of the name.

What do you think your impact will be in the music industry?

My impact would be a whole new different wave. I want to be able to be one of the southern artist with a new style from Charleston, SC. Im looking forward to all the oppurinities and doors that will open for me in this industry to make a positive impact in the music industry.


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