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Demi Grace Flourishes With Exuberant Single "Currency"

Demi Grace brings absolute euphoria with her sound. As a singer, model, and music producer,

Demi Grace has dedicated her artistry to the ultimate vision of spreading empowerment amongst young women. Her music offers an explosive amount of creativity, and we guarantee that you'll be drawn to Demi Grace in one way or another.

Garnering an impressive resumé over the last few years as a music artist, notably working alongside artists Beyoncé, Solange, Taio Cruz, Flo-Rida, and Amber Rose, Demi Grace has stemmed influence and inspiration, as well as insight, from various sources to construct her overall sound. If you're wondering what Demi Grace is all about artistically, imagine a burst of warm, buzzing energy. Demi Grace naturally gives off eloquence, poise, and confidence, and we find ourselves genuinely attracted to the power she provides within her music. There's a tropical source of energy that immediately emulates upon listeners with Demi Grace's latest track "Currency." Demi Grace's vocals naturally blend into the infectious pop melody of "Currency," and once combined with some prominent West African beats, Demi Grace develops an exuberant product. We have to admit, that it was incredibly hard not to move along to the rhythm of "Currency."

Demi Grace's energy naturally pours off onto listeners, and it's quite easy to feel the beneficial mental properties of that. Produced by Mystro, "Currency" made us think of the authentic energy of Demi Grace because this particular single showcased a real variety of her artistic components.

It's so natural for her to We felt like we got to see and explore another side of Demi Grace's artistic persona with "Currency," and that's what spikes our interest to follow what music she'll be releasing next. It's best to believe we'll be following the moves of Demi Grace, and hoping for new music soon. For now, "Currency" will most definitely be our current jam. 

Discover the artistry of Demi Grace in "Currency" here

Welcome, Demi Grace! The release of "Currency" brought a wave of excitement amongst us here at BuzzMusic! The single brought tons of bright energy, with an alluring narrative. What kind of message were you hoping to extend with "Currency"? 

I’m glad you felt the energy. Currency is an empowerment song. I’m the type of feminist that believes in balance. But not balanced in the sense of “don’t pay on the first date” but balance as in “I need you to be stable before you come at me”. Balance as in “I need you to bring equal if not more valuable to the table”. That’s the message I want to convey. Currency can be literal but to me, time is currency, knowledge is currency, and good energy is currency. 

Was there a specific mood you wanted to influence your listeners with "Currency"?

I want my listeners to feel sassy, badass, hyped, and bossy. All the feelings that force you to make decisions.

There definitely seems to be a recurring theme with your music, as you're consistently bringing a positive and upbeat surge of vitality with your sound.

Would you say that there's a specific style you've constructed for your music that's expected to be heard now with future music amongst your listeners? 

I think I have definitely delved deeper into Afrobeat, especially over the last year. But, I don’t want to be boxed. I’m a singer, I’m an artist, I’ve always just wanted to be recognized as a voice. Not a genre.

Where do you hope to grow and extend your sound out from here?! Are there any visions you have in mind regarding the future of your music?

Honestly speaking, I hope to fall deeper in love with my voice and what comes out of it on different tracks. I spent so many years perfecting other sounds and it’s so freeing to date and marry my own voice. And as we all know, marriage is a journey and not a destination.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect an album and the dance around that. I’m ready to put out a concept I’ve been working on for some time.


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