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Deontae Professes His Love In, "Needed Me (feat. Troy Tyler)"

R&B singer-songwriter Deontae is the up-and-coming sensation that began his journey by singing at the age of 8 with influences such as Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Omarion, and Usher.

He started making music when he was 12 but didn’t get into recording until he was 18 years of age. Now with the release of his second studio album, ‘ 2 AM In Grand Rapids,’ he showcases an alternative R&B vibe to his audience as he leads with the lead single “Needed Me (feat. Troy Tyler).”

Dousing us in the sultry harmonies that drip from his soul, Deontae professes a series of heartfelt emotions that are wrapped up in the theme of love. His lyrical motifs delve deep into the sacrifices that one makes as they open their heart and mind to let someone new into their life.

Featuring the deep bellows of Troy Tyler, the contrast between these two artists is mind-blowing. The heart-rending melodies that cascade over intimate instrumentation that delicately sits in your eardrums has you longing for more in your speakers and your life.

Deontae is the type of artist who gets you to profoundly feel what you’re taking in as he navigates you through a life-like representation of his journey in this narrative. Transporting us into a place where we get to embrace the wonders that create this larger-than-life atmosphere is the sign of a true artist upon us.

Gearing us up with this musical exhibit for what follows on the rest of his album ‘ 2 AM In Grand Rapids’ is a bountiful soundscape that lusciously continues to pour into our life. Be sure to not sleep on the hype surrounding Deontae, and grasp onto this gem for yourself.

Congratulations on the lead single off of your album titled "Needed Me." What was it like working with Troy Tyler to propel this vision even further in the direction of heartfelt ballads?

It's been nothing but an honor and great experience working with Troy. He's been nothing but professional and consistent!! Needed me is the 2nd song we have together. The first song is also on the album called "Hall of fame," but it's been nothing but fun working with Troy.

With an album titled '2 AM In Grand Rapids,' where did the overall concept stem from when creating the songs heard on this masterpiece and naming the project?

Well, mostly from my R&B roots and where it all started In my hometown Grand Rapids, Michigan. I wanted to have a name that stood out, giving that I knew I had significant songs on here. I wanted my city to be behind me during it all, so I chose '2 AM in Grand Rapids,' now, the 2 AM symbolizes the different moods, thoughts, and feelings one can have after hours. I know I get in my thoughts a lot after midnight because I'm an all-nighter type of person, so I kind of blended the two and got the name instantly.

What was the biggest takeaway that came from the release of "Needed Me?" Do you feel that this gives listeners a grand scope into the album's meaning and who you are?

The biggest takeaway was probably the feedback it almost instantly got from not on my fans but outsiders. I was constantly told that needed me needed a big push because it had the potential to be a hit song, so that was amazing, but I think it gives listeners a taste of who I am and my versatility. I believe needed me helped listeners keep listening to the album and wanting to hear more.

What has been your proudest moment celebrated throughout your artistic career this far?

The proudest moment in my music career was my first album hitting over 300k streams independently…… that was huge for me because I started to look at music differently and taking it more seriously than ever.

What's next for you?

What's next is I'll be dropping an EP sometime soon thru the label (Sony & The orchard) with a song featuring Eric Bellinger's artist Qiuntelli and more!! But Visuals are on the way, merch and a website coming soon, but you can stay updated by following my IG @deontae_music.


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