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Deore Serenades Us with Her "s o f t," and Sweet Single

Sharing her stylings from Jacksonville, NC, the independent alt-pop artist, and singer-songwriter Deore releases her sweet escape of a single entitled "s o f t."

With writings that mirror her love of nature and spirituality, Deore (Marissa Butler) spent her recent years fronting various projects, ranging from alt-folk to shoe-gaze punk. Through influences like Melanie Martinez, Bon Iver, and Lisa Hannigan, Deore took her stylings to Japan in 2017, where she was heavily influenced by the culture while bringing it back home to the USA to share with us.

Expanding on her delicate and lush single, "s o f t," Deore serenades listeners with her silky and angelic vocal stylings that touch on personal and vulnerable lyricism, reaching into our hearts and pitching camp there while she's at it. Overtop of minimal yet highly effective and calming alt-pop sonics/instrumentals, Deore and her musical surroundings leave us nothing but mesmerized.

Pressing play on the beautiful single, "s o f t," we're met with a bright and downtempo acoustic guitar alongside Deore's floating falsetto and a comforting sample from the film House on Haunted Hill. Once a modern and soothing kick makes its way in alongside short hi-hats, Deore continues to sing with the utmost delicacy.

As she expands on finding herself through her fragility, Deore leaves us in a dreamy trance while the song's tender acoustic guitar continues to haunt our speakers alongside Deore's light background harmonies. Leading us towards the outro, Deore leaves us with a sonic hug through each delicate and passionate aspect of this soothing single.

Lose yourself in the dreamy states of Deore's latest single, "s o f t," now available on all streaming platforms.

Discover "s o f t," here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic, Deore. We're completely and utterly submerged into the delicate space of your recent single, "s o f t." What inspired your lyrical message within this single?

The message of soft is the undeniable power of vulnerability. I feel the most balanced when the layers of my ego are pulled back, exposing the not-so-glamorous parts of me. This is where intimacy and healing live, and I love going there. It’s hard to let yourself (and others) access this part of you after heartbreak. So I wanted to write a song that invites others into this space of mine and hopefully encourages them to visit this space in themselves too.

When listening to "s o f t," we couldn't help but hear vocal similarities to acts like Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez. When creating this song, did you have any artistic influences in mind?

Ugh, I love Melanie Martinez. She is actually a huge influence of mine. I also love Lisa Hannigan’s work. Her voice is ethereal.

Did you work with any producers when creating the sonics for "s o f t?" What sort of vibe and atmosphere were you going for when creating the sonics?

I did! I worked with Yung Citizen based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s incredible, such a talented dude. I wanted a dreamy, haunting lullaby vibe for this song. I sent him a demo recording from my closet at home and he brought it to a whole other level.

Could you tell our readers more about your brand and what you tend to touch on within your music? What do you represent and stand for as an artist?

The driving force behind my music is reaching the broken, specifically those who have experienced abusive relationships. My dream is for my music to soothe and comfort these people, allowing them to feel seen and understood. As for my brand? I am very inspired by nature and my relationship with Jesus. I feel most creative and at home when I am out in nature, specifically by the ocean. I went through most of my life in a haze, after I experienced healing I felt like I saw the world for the first time. It really is beautiful here, so I love bringing those elements into my writing.

What's next for you?

I am currently preparing to record more music. I haven’t decided if I wanted to release these next songs as a series of singles or as an EP. But either way, more is coming


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