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Derek Skelton Drops a Heartfelt Tune With His Sweet Single, "Fall For You"

From Weaver, Alabama, the passionate Country Artist, and Singer/Songwriter Derek Skelton release his tender and romantic tune titled, "Fall For You."

While being discovered by Nashville-based recording Studio 'Off The Row,' the studio later named Skelton to be the Breakout Artist of the Year in 2019. Derek Skelton also splits his time serving with the U.S. air force stationed in Hawaii. Serving listeners a slice of the American dream through is warm music, Derek Skelton is an artist to keep an eye on.

Through his recent single, "Fall For You," we hear an incredibly relaxed song through Derek Skelton's warm Country instrumentals that seep through our speakers with passion. As Skelton sings a story of falling for someone and wishing he was in their point of view, we love the raw emotion and desire that he's brought within this perfected piece.

"Fall For You" opens with a soft mid-tempo drum beat, bright acoustic guitar picking, and a droning electric guitar in the background. As Derek Skelton makes his warm vocal appearance, he begins singing a conceptual story of walking into a party and making his way around until he's mesmerized by someone's beauty across the room.

Moving on to the song's chorus, Derek Skelton delivers his passionate vocals overtop of the easy-listening instrumentals that provide the utmost heart. We also hear this introspective and reflective tone through the instrumentals, as they float in the dreamy atmosphere and let the listener think of who they would want to be spending their days with.

Ending the track with a sense of poise and serenity, Derek Skelton has stopped us dead in our tracks with his tender release, "Fall For You." With each romantic lyric, he delivers accompanied by the laidback instrumentals, it's safe to say that Derek Skelton is warming the hearts of listeners everywhere.

Hello Derek and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Where did the inspiration for your single, "Fall for You" come from? What pushed you to create such a passionate and heartfelt piece?

The inspiration really came from the melody I had created on the guitar. I normally don’t start off with an idea of a type of song I want to write, I just let the song form itself from the feeling that the melody gives me. However, I think the concept of “Fall For You” is something that everybody can relate to and that’s what I wanted to portray in the song.

Seeing as your single "Fall For You" was a co-write between you and Chris K Wommack, what was your songwriting process like when writing such passionate lyricism?

I had originally come up with the basis for the song and had actually written it all the way through, but I wanted to make sure the song was as good as it could be lyrically so I hit up Chris and we made some tweaks to the song and made it what it is now. I like to get other perspectives when creating a song, it helps when I may have writer's block or just want some fresh ideas to make the song better.

Within your "Fall For You," the instrumentals are incredibly serene and tender. How did you create your sonics to match the passion you've delivered through your lyrics?

Thankfully I get the opportunity to work with some talented musicians who are able to take the basis of what I come up with on the guitar and transform it into what I may have envisioned or most times, something better. Having those guys to lean on and trust to take the song to another level is definitely a blessing.

We've noticed that you managed to blow up on TikTok. How did this happen? Has the platform helped your fanbase grow?

Well, I’ve always been a bit of a character and enjoy, not only singing but acting as well. If it involves putting on a performance, then I’m all about it. Thankfully people enjoy the videos where I can show some of those acting skills and my funny side, as well as my singing. It’s certainly grown my fanbase for sure. I get a lot of my followers from TikTok who will follow me on Instagram and search for my music, so I really try to stay active and grow my following in whatever way I can.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

They’ll get to hear something more upbeat and fun. It’ll be the first song that I’ve written so far that’s got a laid back, cruise with the windows down kind of feel. I currently live in Hawaii, so I pulled a lot of inspiration from being here on the island to create the next song I release.


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