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Derrick Cobb Brings a Mesmerizing Ballad With His Recent Single “In Love”

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, pop recording artist Derrick Cobb returns to BuzzMusic with his heartfelt ballad “In Love.” Taking a slower and more personal approach with this song, Derrick Cobb wanted to let his significant other know that even though he struggles to find balance in his personal life, he’s always going to be there no matter what. The recent single “In Love,” ties in mid-tempo R&B production with lo-fi elements and cheerful keys. While serenading with nothing but heart, Derrick Cobb has uniquely found compelling lyrics that portray his passion, without blending into other love songs.

Opening with ambient keyboard melodies and catchy yet subtle underlying hip-hop production, “In Love” displays simplicity at it’s finest, allowing Derrick Cobb’s message to stand loud and clear. As he sings those heartfelt emotions away, we’re in awe of his ability to find the right lyrics for any situation he’s put in. Delivering captivating vocalizations that bring power to Derrick Cobb’s lyrics like “I’m gonna make sure that you’re smiling each and every day,” he’s letting us fall ‘In Love” with his approach to songwriting. As the production maintains steady and ambient, it progressively grows with added effects that bring even more energy to this love song. Capturing the intoxicating side of love perfectly with “In Love,” Derrick Cobb will stop at nothing until his message is heard.

Listen to "In Love" here.



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