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Derrick Cobb Releases Quite, "The Visual Experience"

The Los Angeles-based dance/pop/r&b artist and singer-songwriter Derrick Cobb releases a stimulating music video featuring four dynamic tunes entitled "The Visual Experience."

Striving to leave his audience tapping their feet to his versatile music, Derrick Cobb has also modeled on many runways and danced on many stages/music videos. After the release of his EP, 'The Elements,' in 2016, Derrick Cobb began to realize and understand the power that music holds.

Expanding on his music video, "The Visual Experience," Derrick Cobb performs four vastly different songs being, "Savage AF," "Don't Stop (Fuck It Up)," "In Love," and "Won't Let You Down." Since the pandemic struck, Derrick Cobb and many other artists couldn't create music videos. When the opportunity struck to create visuals again, Cobb couldn't pick just one song, which leads us to "The Visual Experience."

Directed by Vincente Cordero and choreographed by Darrien Henning, "The Visual Experience" begins with a solo performance of Derrick Cobb in a flashing neon room dancing his heart out to the scorching hot single, "Savage AF." With a quick transition into "Don't Stop (Fuck It Up)," the second scene takes on more of a party-like atmosphere where Derrick Cobb and actors liven the space with their upbeat dance moves, radiating confidence.

Reaching the video's halfway mark with "In Love," Derrick Cobb is now seen dressed in an open button-up shirt while drenched in the pouring rain. Through the last transition into "Won't Let You Down," Derrick Cobb closes the video on a more personal and sincere note through backstage scenes of him smoking in his dressing room and reminding someone special that he'll never let them down.

Witness pure creativity and talent with Derrick Cobb's recent music video, "The Visual Experience," now available to watch on YouTube.

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